Ice Cubes

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The Cochrane and Calgary area got nailed with a big time winter storm this week. It started last Friday and we're still in the deep freeze (Thursday). A perfect time to test out the winter gear.

I headed out on Sunday (-21C, -31C with the wind chill) and made it 15km before my CamelBak turned into a block of ice. I had two pairs of gloves but the hands remained cold, I also realised that another pair of insulated shorts would have have been a good idea. I managed to complete a half marathon in 2hr 25min 14sec but I had work to do on my gear.

My friend Dave had mentioned that hand warmers in the lining of the gloves works well, so I slit open the backs of my mitts and shoved in a couple of packs in each glove, excellent. I also purchased an insulation kit for the hydration pack, we'll see.

Yesterday I headed out for my second "Winter Test", this time on the Cochrane Foothills Marathon course. The temp was a tropical -13C (-20C with the wind chill) and basically the gear worked well. The hands stayed warm and the CamelBak remained unfrozen (a drink every 4m 30s to keep the water moving). I was pretty beat at the end but I completed the marathon course in 5hr 35min 27sec. I'm using a Garmin 310xt and down load the run info at home, very interesting.

The other CamelBak


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