Snowshoe shuffle

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Sue and I had decided that Sunday would be our first snowshoe outing of the year. Photographer Ted, from the Calgary Herald had mentioned that Kananaskis country had received a dump of snow and the conditions were excellent. We headed off , mid morning, with our friends Kevin and Kathy, they had never snowshoed before and wanted to try out their gear.

Last March I had competed in the Coldfoot classic, a one day 44km snowshoe race in Yellowknife, NWT. I showed our friends the secret training location (Middle Lake in the Bow Valley Provincial Park) I had used to prepare for the race. It consists of a 1km loop around the edge of the lake and I had trained up to 30km a day on this route.

We arrived at the Peter Loughheed Provincial Park visitor centre and talked to Park Ranger Carol. She explained the avalanche situation and the snow depth on the trails. She mentioned that there was 75cm of snow at the moment and when I asked if this was good for this time of year she asked me to show her how deep I thought that was? I indicated that it would be around mid thigh, "not bad" she said.

Having passed Park Ranger Carol's snow depth test we had a bite to eat and hit the trails. The snow was amazing and we finished just as the sun was dipping below the mountains.

Yeti tracks

Snowshoe shuffle

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