The Beach

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Last weekend Sue and I were walking along a beach at Comox on Vancouver Island. We picked our way through sopping seaweed and over massive BC fir timbers that had been washed up on the shore. They've had 26 days of rain out of 30 in November but luckily we hit 3 dry days. We tried some trail running but it was mainly puddle jumping so we ended doing a couple of road runs.

Fast forward to today and we're in the middle of a huge snow storm. I picked up Nephew Chris early this morning and headed off to Sunshine resort for a day of skiing for his birthday. We drove down the #1 highway and stopped ay Humpty's for a gormet breakfast of low cal eggs benedict. When we went in, no snow, when we came out, snow strom.

We continued on for 20mins but the driving was nuts so we turned off at Morley and headed back to Cochrane on the #1A highway. The snow had eased up but the road was still pretty slick. Suddenly from behind a bush a deer jumped into the middle of the road and stopped. I hit the brakes and the vehicle started to slid. At the last moment the deer bolted to the other side and I missed it by inches. No more driving today!


Comox beach


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