Cliff Young (1922-2003)

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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #056
  • Date: Monday April 5th  2010
  • Course: Calgary Pathways Marathon
  • Run time: 5hr 56min 03sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 96 BPM
  • Temperature C: -7C
  • Distance covered to date: 2363.2km (1467.2m)
  • Equivalent Flight distance, Calgary to: Urbana, Illinois, USA
  • Total number of runners: 1

Back to Calgary today for a jaunt along the pathways. As usual, I was fully bundled up for the start of the run, but it was not long before the jacket and running tights were off. There are more and more geese along the banks of the Bow and they're not getting any quieter. I almost ran into one but at the last second it headed off over the river. Along the way, I met Cindy Bronconnier, wife of Dave Bronconnier, Mayor of Calgary. We had a good chat and then I was on my way. After a coffee and muffin at the Good Earth cafe, I headed north up the Nose Creek pathways system. I had to go through the zoo and I could hear some kids talking about the bears and deer. 5km up the path was a sign "Pathways Closed", as usual I ignored it and continued. I managed to get another 4km on the route but then a massive fence blocked the way. Time to head back.

Another of my running inspirations was Cliff Young. He grew up on a farm in Beech Forest in south-western Victoria, Australia. In 1983, the 61-year-old potato farmer won the first Sydney to Melbourne Ultra Marathon (875 kilometers, 544 miles). The race was run between what were then Australia's two largest shopping centres: Westfield Parramatta, in Sydney, and Westfield Doncaster, in Melbourne. Cliff arrived at the start line with overalls and gumboots. He ran at a slow loping pace and trailed the leaders for most of the course, but by denying himself sleep and running while the others slept he slowly gained on them and eventually won by a large margin. In 1984 Cliff married Mary Howell, a women 39 years his junior. Mary Howell is my 1st cousin.

Llama facts (This is no Joke)

Llamas were domesticated from guanacos in the Andean highlands of Peru 4,000-5,000 years ago and are among the oldest domesticated animals in the world.

Research Assistant Level II Karen

Quote Of the Day

"Oh, I might as well give it a go."

Alf Tupper, UK track star

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