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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #062
  • Date: Wednesday April 14th  2010
  • Course: Glenmore Christian Academy
  • Run time: 5hr 57min 59sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 102 BPM
  • Temperature C: -1C
  • Distance covered to date: 2616.4km (1624.4m)
  • Another Race in the World: Everest Ultra, Nepal
  • Total number of runners: 157

Early start this morning. I was off to Glemore Christian Academy and Breakfast TV was doing an "On Location" shoot. I arrived at the school at 6.15am and was met by Teacher Jodi. We went into the new gym and a number of the GCA running club were already there. They had been here since 5.45am and looked a little blurry eyed. Tasha, mum of a couple of the kids at the school, had organised the activities and she introduced me to Reporter Jill, Camera Man Bob and Principal Rob. On the count of three, the kids cheered me out of the gym and my marathon had begun. I started circling the two soccer fields across the road from the school, the temperature wasn't bad but the wind was brutal. I battled up the field against the wind, then got blown down the other side.

At 8.45am I went back in the gym and chatted with Reporter Jill about Marathon Quest 250 and Right To Play. It was then off to the amphitheatre and a chat with the student body. Ten minutes later I was back on the soccer field and working on the remaining loops of the pitch I had to complete. At lunch time, I headed over to a smaller field and was joined by a very enthusiastic group of Grade 1 and 2's. We did several laps and, each time we turned the corner, the wind was behind us. It almost blew a couple of them away. Grade 1'er Julia stuck with me the whole lunch hour and her friend Emily fed me chocolate Easter eggs, thanks for the calories. Grade 5 Photographer Shawn took a couple of snaps and they can be seen in the Flickr Gallery on the home page.

Llama Facts (This is no Joke)

Llama's don't like to eat Oreos before going to bed because it gives them nightmares

Research Assistant Level II Karen

Quote of the Day

"Wind is air in a hurry"

Kristina Parnell (age 6 years)

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