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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #144
  • Date: Wednesday Aug 4th 2010
  • Donations to date: $56,814.11
  • Course: Cochrane Town Marathon
  • Run time: 7hr 45min 24sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 77 BPM
  • Temperature C: 9C
  • Distance covered to date: 6,076.8km (3,772.8ml)
  • Equivalent Flight distance, Calgary to: Fort-de-France, Martinique Is.
  • Total number of runners: 24

Big day today. I had been invited, by the Cochrane Day Camp boys and girls, to be a celebrity judge of the cinnamon bun baking competition. I arrived at the field at 7.00am and started to do 1/2km loops around the perimeter. The kids began to arrive in one's and two's at 9.30am and by 10.00am they were all following me around the route. One little girl asked me where we were going and I said nowhere! At 10.30am they headed up to the club house and started the day's baking. I needed a coffee so I headed into town to Coffee Traders. There, I met Laywer Richard and we had a good chat. He has recently got into running and is feeling really good. Someone else passed by and asked me how it was going. I mentioned that I was walking the marathon because of an injury and they said that it must be like a "Day Off". No, walking a marathon is not a "Day Off". Contrary to popular belief, walking a marathon is the same distance as running a marathon, it's not shorter!!!!!

Then it was back to the club house for the big contest. The two other judges were "Judge Ziggy" and "Judge Troll" (my nephew Jon). Three groups of kids had baked a pan of buns each and we had to decide which were the best. The criteria were: Presentation, creativity, flavour integration and taste. Judges Ziggy and Troll were a little soft on the kids so I had to be the "Simon Cowell" of the group and say it the way it was. Amazingly when all the points were added up all three groups had scored 22 points. Great fun.

Finally I want to say congratulations to John Bosma, a local Triathlete. John had a horrendous bike accident on April 17th. He had a broken clavicle (in five places), a broken shoulder blade, multiple rib fractures, a punctured lung, and two broken vertebrae. On August 1st John complete the Ironman 70.3 Calgary and at the end of August he's going to compete in Ironman Canada. Now that's inspirational.

Ice Cream Quest 47

The challenge is to try all 47 flavours at Mackay's ice cream store before midnight December 31st.

Today's flavour #23: Mochachino

Quote of the Day

"Get going. Get up and walk if you have to, but finish the damned race."

Ron Hill to Jerome Drayton during the 1970 Boston Marathon

Cinnimon Buns baked by the kids at the Cochrane Day Camp

144 Buns

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