The Final Countdown: 10

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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #240 (10 to go, 13 days left)
  • Date: Saturday Dec 18th 2010
  • Donations to date: $157,397.42
  • Course: Cochrane Town Marathon
  • Run time: 5hr 24min 41sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 98 BPM
  • Temperature C: -19C
  • Distance covered to date: 10,128.0km (6,288.0ml)
  • Total number of runners: 21

Today, I was heading down to Guy's Bakery to meet up with the Cochrane Red Rock Running and Tri Club members. The particular reason I was staying in Cochrane was that Cyclist Dan had sponsored the marathon for $1,000, for Right To Play. I arrived at the cafe at 8.20am and Dan was waiting for me. Dan operates his own carpet cleaning business and is a member of the local Rotary Club. Dan is also an endurance athlete but his forte is cycling. He rides huge distances, over multiple days, but he had never run over 10km. While we were waiting, Runner Leslie brought in the latest issue of Canadian Running. She showed me the section where they had made the 2010 Golden Shoe Awards. They had given me one for "Mega-Marathons". Many thanks.

At 8.40am, a group of 21 of us headed out and worked our way through the streets of Cochrane. They were terrible. We were slip sliding around and the fresh snow didn't help. After an hour, we went back to the coffee shop to have a sausage roll and consider our options. Plan B was to head down to the Spray Lakes Sports centre. This wasn't much better. Finally, we headed back to my place and ran around the West Pointe loop. Dan did really well. He completed a half marathon and, on Dec 31st, is coming out the run the whole final marathon. That's the spirit.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (ant's)

Q. What do you call a 100 year old ant?
A. An antique!

Quote of the Day

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will"

Vince Lombardi

Cyclist Dan sponsored today's marathon for $1,000 for Right To Play.

240 Dan





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