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Tales from the Couch

Two weeks ago a group of students at Mitford Middle School sent me letters asking about Marathon Quest 250. The questions ranged from " Do you like getting up in the morning to run?" (Sometimes, when it's not freezing) to "Which is your favourite Llama?" (Two-Tone). Today I headed over to the class to give them letters I had written in response and present "Certificates of Participation" to each child. When I arrived they were all sitting around a long table with Teacher Lynda at the head. She had a 4-litre jug of chocolate milk and a box of chocolate digestive biscuits...A Breakfast of Champions. After the snack I showed them my hydration pack and signed autographs. They showed me stories they had written about the Llama's and art work they completed on MQ 250. We all then went outside and, as I took a leisurely stroll, they dashed around the parking lot. I plan to return on May 20th to do a marathon at the school.

In the afternoon I had two appointments, both tests, but in different ways. The first was to establish Bone Density. I went to the clinic at Market Mall, lay on a bed and was scanned. No problem. The second was with Dr. Greg who runs Proactive Health, chiropractic and massage performance centre. Five years ago, a different practitioner, had given me "The Massage from Hell". I was not happy. People had said good things about Dr. Greg but I was pretty nervous. We chatted for a bit and he explained what he was going to do. Time for a leap of faith. I said go ahead. He performed some active release and graston on the muscles along the left shin; there was some pain but I didn't cry. He also worked on the inflexibility in my left ankle. Result..... the shin felt better than when I walked in. Looks like I give a "Walking Marathon" a shot on Monday.

Llama Facts (This is no Joke)

Llama's have 3 stomach chambers.

Research Assistant Level II Karen

Quote of the Day

"A teacher's constant task is to take a roomful of live wires and see to it that they're grounded"

E.C. McKenzie

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