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Tales from the Couch

If it's Tuesday, then it's Isotope Bone Scan day. I arrived at the Professional Medical Building at Market Mall, on the west side of Calgary, at 12.15pm. At the help desk the receptionist stamped my requisition "Nuclear Imaging" and sent me to "Room 320". As I waited to be called, I noted that, on the bottom of the requisition, it stated "You're in Good Hands!" I felt reasurred. Then I glanced over to the list of MD's, half way down the column was Dr. Risk. Oh dear. Radiography Technician Wendy called me in. She said that I would have an injection and then I should come back at 3.30pm for the scan. I explained to her that I had felt the pain in my left shin when I ran a marathon last Wednesday, I then added that I had run 29 others before that. When I returned at 3.30pm Radiography Technician Wendy informed me that, based on running 30 marathons in 41 days, they had decided to scan my whole body (and brain!!!). Results on Thursday.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new "Running" movie called "The Robber", based on the book "On the run" by Martin Prinz. This is a film telling the remarkable, true story of a champion marathon runner turned serial bank robber. "The Robber" is based on the short life of Johann Rettenberger, better known as Pump Gun Ronnie, who during his rash of heists in the 1980s was the most wanted man in Austria. He won his moniker for his weapon of choice and the Ronald Reagan mask he wore to disguise himself during the hold-ups. An adrenaline addict, Rettenberger was known to hit two or three banks in a day, eluding police with extraordinary speed on foot until he could hop into his getaway car. All the while, he maintained a gruelling training schedule, constantly recording his performance and pulse to achieve new levels of stamina. At one point, he was named "Austria's fastest man" for his racing time. The final manhunt to capture him sparked the biggest police operation in Austrian post-war history. To all Marathon and Ultra runners, stick to your day jobs.

Llama Facts (this is no joke)

Hair from the undercoat is used to make clothing and finer fabrics while hair from the outercoat is used for rugs, wall hangings and rope. The fibres come in a variety of colours: white, grey, brown, reddish brown, dark brown and black.

Research Assistant Level II Karen Lopushinsky

Quote of the Day

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another; it is the only means"

Albert Einstein

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