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Tales from the Couch

One of the main events that influenced me to fund raise for Right To Play and attempt MQ 250 was a cycle trip I took across Africa five years ago. We left Cairo, Egypt on January 15th and arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on May 15th. The trip featured 100 cycling days or stages, averaging 115 km (72 miles) each day, broken up by 18 rest days and 2 days of travel for a total of 120 days in Africa. On every cycling day, Tour d'Afrique's support trucks collected our equipment and traveled ahead to set up camp.Traveling through 10 countries in all, we cycled along the Nile past ancient temples, across the rugged biblical landscape of Ethiopia's Simian Mountains, and through game reserves teeming with wildlife. After crossing the Equator in Kenya, we pedaled past legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, to Lake Malawi, Victoria Falls, and along the edges of the magnificent Kalahari and Namib deserts, en route to the finish line in Cape Town.

I thought I'd check out my blog from February 17th 2005. We had just crossed into Ethiopia:

  • Day 34, Thursday
  • Daily stats:  96km(total), 4hr 36min, temp 49C, 2752km to date
  • Bike: Went well, me no

The night was hot and loud. It doesn't cool down and during the night there were dogs, donkeys, chicken and other assorted animals making a racket. I start off and it's getting hotter and hotter. The land is becoming mountainous and is similar to Arizona. By 11.00am I've drunk my 3L in my Camelbak and the 2L in my bottles and still no lunch truck! I finally see it and that's enough for me for today. At camp, thunder clouds roll in and we get a show of heat lighting. Then the rain comes, huge drops, the first in five weeks but still it's hot.

Llama Facts (This is no Joke)

Llamas don't have eyelashes but their cousin the alpaca does

Research Assistant Level II Karen

Quote of the Day

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give"

Sir Winston Churchill

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