The Verdict II

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Tales from the Couch

I went to my doctor's appointment at 8.30am, this morning, and at 8.32am I had the's a stress fracture to the left shin. Not good. But, not as surprising as the results of a bone scan a running friend of mine had. He wrote "I thought I had a stress fracture in my foot in 2003 and got a bone scan.  My foot turned out fine, but the scan showed that I only have 1 kidney." That's a shocker. After I left the doctor's office I kicked the tyre of my car, not a good idea when you have a stress fracture in your shin. There was only one thing for it, go for a full English breakfast at Norma's Cafe. A good feed of bacon, eggs, mushrooms, tomatos, hash browns, toast and coffee certainly helped.

I've had great support over the last few days and I recieved this email from Ultra Runner Ray Zahab this afternoon.

Hey Martin !
On my way to Siberia sitting on plane so I have to be brief.
Sisu cal mag with vitamin d : 1 am, 1 pm
Sisu msm: 1, 3 x per day
Sisu glucosamine: 1, 3x per day
Eat food rich in calcium, yogurt and cheese are best. Avoid caffeine. Contrast hot towels wrapped in garbage bag around your leg with ice bags.  5 minutes each x 5.
You will get through this. I have had stress fractures before-time is the best healer, but this protocol will help hasten healing.
Your an awesome guy, good luck- I am sending you good vibes.

Ray has competed in some of the toughest Ultra Marathons in the world including running across the Sahara Desert (7500km) in 111 days.
I will be continuing my school visits as planned. Tomorrow, I meet with Dr. Hanlon to set up the rehab plan. Any comments, ideas, suggestions would be welcome.
Quote of the Day
"You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction"
George Horace Lorimer

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