50,000 Steps

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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #004
  • Date: Tuesday Jan 5th 2010
  • Course: Cochrane Foothills Marathon
  • Run time: 5hrs 50min 01sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Temperature C: -22C (with wind chill)
  • Distance covered to date: km (m): 168.8km (104.8m)
  • Equivalent Flight distance, Calgary to: Lake Louise, Alberta
  • Total number of runners: 2

Today was tough, -22C, 15km North wind, snowing and drifting on the road. So what do I wear to survive in this for almost 6hrs? From bottom to top: Feet, Salomon trail shoes, wool socks, Legs, shorts, long johns, winter running tights, Torso, nip guards (essential!!), short sleeve top, merino wool long sleeve, wicking long sleeve, wind proof shell, MQ 250 singlet, Head, bennie, woolly Canada toque, mask, 2 Buff neck warmers, sunglasses, Hands, wool gloves, mitts, hand warmers. Camelbak hydration: 3l of water plus CarboPro, electrolytes, cell, camera (with hand warmers in case), bear whistle.

Everything worked well until the 37km point when the hydration pack turned into an ice block. I had the pleasure of running with Okotoks runner Chuck, it was great to have company in conditions like this. Half way round Cochrane runner Leslie came by to see if we were doing OK, she offered us tea and coffee but we said no thanks.

So how many steps to do a marathon? well for me, using the Garmin FR60 it comes to 50,000, now if I manage to do 250 marathons in 2010 thats.........a lot of steps !!!

Quote of the Day

"The will to win means nothing if you haven't the will to prepare."

Juma Ikangaa

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