The Hills have Eyes

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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #014
  • Date: Tuesday Jan 19th 2010
  • Course: Cochrane Foothills Marathon
  • Run time: 5hr 55min 09sec
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 98 BPM
  • Temperature C: -11C
  • Distance covered to date: 548.6km (340.6m)
  • Equivalent Flight distance, Calgary to: Butte, Montana, USA
  • Total number of runners: 3

Nobody with me this morning, just the sun peeping over the horizon in the East, casting monster shadows, as I trucked along the 1a highway towards the Rocky mountains. At 4.5km, I headed North up Grand Valley Road, a beautiful section on the Cochrane Foothills Marathon course, but little did I know that things were about to change. Runner Kevin is an encyclopedia of knowledge about this part of the country and the other day he was telling me about an area 10km up the Grand Valley Road called the Wild Cat Hills. Apparently, there are many tales about what went on in them thar hills and he pointed out a rocky ravine up to the left. Nobody knows what lives at the end of the ravine but I can guess ( WereRabbit !!!).

As I run through this section, I always feel there are eyes watching me and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I quickly moved through RR 280 and continued on my way until the 32km mark. Runners Sandy and Frank were there to meet me and we chatted about the Olmpic torch coming to Cochrane tomorrow. Unfortunately I had not been selected to carry it, but I have an idea for a "Tribute to The Torch", as I do my marathon

Llama Humour

  • Q. What do Llamas have on toast
  • A. Llamalade !!!!! ( that was Sue's joke, not bad)

Quote of the Day

"The start of a World Cross Country event is like riding a horse in the middle of a buffalo stampede. It's a thrill if you keep up, but one slip and you're nothing but hoof prints."

Ed Eyestone

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