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I decided to take today off. I thought about it as I was having breakfast. The two falls at the beginning of the week had really knocked the stuffing out of me and the pain in my upper right thigh didn't help matters. I figured that if I took a break today, then tomorrow would be a travel day. On Saturday, Sue and I are heading over to Alcatraz, the Rock. I had read about a triathlon that includes swimming from Alcatraz, then biking and running on the mainland. Maybe next year. The San Francisco marathon is on Sunday and it includes crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, on the road bed. Very exciting. Monday will be a travel day. So, in all I'll get four days off over the next five.

Instead, today was a day of chores. I headed into Stoney Trail Mazda and picked up the RX8. A new engine and mechanic Brian had given the car a clean. Thanks Brian. Back home, I booked the seats on WestJet for the trip to San Fran. Got an email from Runner Vince to say that the track at Laurentian University had been booked for the marathon in Sudbury on August 19th. Thanks Vince. Prepared the Marathon Quest 250 Bi-weekly Report for Right To Play and other team members. While I was having a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate digestives (thanks Linda) I read today's paper. I was sad to read that a beaver had been shot and killed in Red Deer. I don't know what to say. A dog had been killed by a beaver (same beaver?), who was probably protecting it's young. So let's go and shoot a beaver? Give me a break.

Dr Randolph Randolphs book of animal jokes

Q: What do you get if you cross a fish with an elephant?
A: Swimming trunks!

Quote of the Day

"It's a shallow life that doesn't give a person a few scars"

Garrison Keillor

New Engine for the RX8 Pace car

RX8 Engine

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