The Comrades Marathon

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Below are the Latest Marathon stats:

  • Marathon: #164
  • Date: Tuesday Sept 8th 2010
  • Donations to date: $67,942.19
  • Course: Calgary Pathways Marathon
  • Run time: 6hr 20min 13sec (See Garmin Connect)
  • Aver. Heart Rate: 95 BPM
  • Temperature C: 8C
  • Distance covered to date: 6,920.8km (4,296.8ml)
  • Equivalent Flight distance, Calgary to: London, England
  • Total number of runners: 1

Summer finished yesterday. Today, the Southern Alberta monsoon season started. I headed out to the Shouldice Pool and hid my car amongst a bunch of other cars. I dashed through the rain to the pool wash room and changed into my full rain gear. Then it was West along the Bow to Bowness park. The showers were relentless and the scheming little rain drops soaked though every layer I had on, until I was drenched. After 3 1/2 hours of this I had had enough. I hopped back into the car, put the seat warmer on, turned the heater to full and drove home. There I chucked every thing in the dryer and started again.

People have been asking me what I plan to do next year. Up to this point I really haven't had anything planned. However, over the last couple of days I've booked in two events for 2011. The first is The Comrades Marathon on Sunday, May 29th in South Africa. My Running Buddy Ken has signed up and it'll be fun running with someone I know. The marathon is actually 89km and is the largest ultra in the world with 18,000 participants. The first race was run on May 24th, 1921 and it was started by Vic Clapham a World War I veteran. He did it to commerate the South Africian soldiers killed during the war. The second event is my yearly appointment, on Sept 14th, with my Urologist, Dr Baverstock. I'm looking forward to the Comrades Marathon more.

Ice Cream Quest 47

The challenge is to try all 47 flavours at Mackay's ice cream store before midnight December 31st.

Today's flavour #33: Root Beer

Quote of the Day

"Don't feel defeated because you have a dream and you don't think you can accomplish it. Try least try it."

Dorothy Nelson, 93 year old 10-pin bowling champion

The Comrades Marathon: 18,000 runners tackle the 89km race.

164 Copmrades

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