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CalgaryTower Quest 802 (DONE!!!!!!!)

  • Climb the Calgary Tower (802 steps): April 16th 2011
  • Days to the event: 0
  • Climbs in 5 hrs (target): 16
  • Climbs in 5 hrs (actual): 23

Over the last two months I've been running up and down stairs. Whether it's the 13 stairs up from my basement or the 84 stairs from the Bow River to Griffin Road, it's been up and down, up and down. So,on Saturday morning I drove through a snow storm to the Calgary Tower. This was the location for the "Climb for the Wilderness", an event that was a fund raiser for Alberta Wilderness Association. The challenge: To run up the 802 steps of the Calgary Tower as many times as possible in 5 hours. Brilliant.

A couple of hundred people were jammed in at the base of the Tower and at 8.30am the gun went off. I dashed to the bottom of the first flight of stairs and started climbing. After 30 steps my run turned into a walk. I didn't run again. The Tower has two parallel sets of stairs. The organizers used one for the racers and the other for anyone who wanted to take their time. During the day I saw families, grand parents, an Imperial Storm Trooper and Darth Vader do the climb. A group even helped a fellow in a wheel chair up the stairs.

I chatted with several of the racers. Garth, from South Africa, had run the Comrades marathon in 7hrs 20mins, a smoking time for the 89km. He gave me a few tips which was great. Climber Jane hadn't done a race for 15 years because of bad knees but she found the stair climbing event were OK. She trained on the elliptical machine, cross-country skiing and water running.

After 5hr 15min I had completed 23 climbs. That's 18,446 steps or 12,535 ft or 43% of the height of Mount Everest. My legs hurt and I was hungry. The two bacon eggers went down well.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (Bees)

Q: Why do bees hum?
A: Because they've forgotten the words!

Quote of the Day

"Sweat cleanes from the inside. It comes from places a shower will never reach"

George Sheehan

Participants of all shapes and sizes attemped the "Climb the Calgary Tower" event on Saturday.


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