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CalgaryTower Quest 802

  • Climb the Calgary Tower (802 steps): April 16th 2011
  • Days to the event: 6
  • Climbs in 5 hrs (target): 16
  • Climbs in 5 hrs (actual):

On Thursday afternoon, I drove out along the 1A towards Canmore and picked up a very special guest. On the morning of August 18th 2000, his 45th birthday, Jean Beliveau had breakfast. He then went out for a walk. He hasn't stopped walking since. So far he has been through 64 countries and covered 71,000kms. Jean is on the final section of his trip, from Vancouver to Monteal and hopes to arrive in his home city in early October. Jean stayed, with Sue and I, on Thursday night and on Friday morning we went over to Banded Peaks School in Bragg Creek. He chatted to the kids and they had lots of questions. One question was: "Did he meet any famous people?". He said that his 20min chat with Nelson Mandela was one of the highlights.

Saturday morning, Sue and I headed into Calgary for the Coop Health and Fitness Day. Coop have put on an excellent three month program for families to help focus on health and fitness issues. Saturday's event included a 10km, 5km and 2km kids race. I had signed up for the 10km and Chad, the organizer, had asked me to lead the "Toonie 2km" with the kids after the 10km. No problem. I haven't raced for a while so I thought I'd give the 10km a go. The gun went off and I was soon hit my race pace. I crossed the 5km mark at 22min 30sec and felt strong. Then my sciatic nerve started to play up. I managed to finish in 46min 55sec but I was in pain. Chad came over and asked if I was ready for the the kids Tonnie 2km. Absolutely. Fifteen minutes Iater I was finished. Literally.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (Bees)

Q: What does a queen bee do when she burps?
A: Issues a royal pardon!

Quote of the Day

"Little by little one walks far"

Peruvian Proverb

World Walker Jean Beliveau on the 1A highway from Cochrane to Calgary


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