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Latest Race completed:

  • City Chase, Toronto

  • Date: Saturday August 13th 2011
  • Location: Toronto, Ontario
  • Temp: 24C
  • Distance: 12.00km (running), 29.00km (Total travel)
  • Run Time: 5hrs 16min 41sec
  • Video: City Chase, Toronto
  • Total nos of Runners: 1200+

I love tennis. When I was 9 my parents bought an old run down property in southern England. The place had belonged to my grandmother and needed a lot of work. It was a large property and had an over grown grass tennis court. That summer it was my job to cut down all the weeds, roll the court and mark the lines. I strung string to outline the markings then painted creosol to kill the grass. Finally I mixed lime powder and water and painted the lines. Many a tennis game was played on that court, deep into a summer evening. At the age of 17 I went on a school trip to Wimbledon. A bus load of us headed up early in the morning and arrived at 9.00am. It was the first week of competition and there was play on all the outside courts. We walked around all day and even had a bowl of strawberries and cream. At 5.00pm a number of patrons, who had tickets for the centre court , left and gave us their ticket. During the day I watched Stan Smith and Illie Nastase. That year the winner of the boy's championship was a young lad called Bjorn Borg.

Last Wednesday I spent the day at The Rexall Centre in Toronto. This was the stage for the Roger's Cup Women's Championship. I was at the event on the invite of Ronald Persaud. Ronald works for Tennis Canada and I have been in touch with them to see if they'd like to hold a "Tennis Quest for Kids" in 2012. I had arranged to meet Ronald at 5.00pm so I spent the morning watching the Women's Number 1 seed Caroline Wozniacki get beaten in the 2nd round.

In the afternoon I watched Serena Williams and she played a terrific match. Later Ronald and I chatted. We talked about a number of ideas including an attempt on the current Guinness Book of records for the longest singles game. It currently stands at 61 hours so it would have to be at least 62 hours. The other idea was 24 hours of tennis. I would play 24 opponents, for example school kids, for one hour each over the day. Ronald said we'd stay in touch and he headed off.

Before I left the event I wanted to try one of the tennis challenges they had around the facility. This one allowed you to measure the speed of your serves. I asked to do a practice shot. Disaster. I've been having problems with the rotator cuff in my right shoulder and as I brought the racket back a sharp pain ripped through the shoulder. I put the racket down and walked away. If  I was going to do the endurance event next year the shoulder had better be in good shape. What other choice did I have? I walked around to court three and started watching a women's double match. Then I noticed that one of them was a left hander. That got me thinking.  I had always been right handed but why not switch to the left hand. So if you see me knocking balls into the creek from the Cochrane tennis courts you'll know what's going on.


Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes

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A: A bloodhound!

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