Bad to the Bone

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Comrades Training Stats:

  • Race Date: Sunday May 29th 2011
  • Race Distance: 89km
  • Training Km's Target (Jan 1st to May 28th): 1292km
  • Training Km's Actual: 121km (1%)

The medical results are in and here's the diagnosis. The medical profession use a lot of big words so I've interperted their findings:

Chest: Appears within normal limits. The heart is normal in size, the lungs and pleural space is clear with no active intrathoracic disease detected. Meaning: Looks good

Hips: Appear well maintained. No significant degenerative changes identified. Bony pelvis is unremarkable. Who says it's unremarkable!

Knees: Shows good maintenance of joint space with no specific arthropathy apparent. No joint fluid or radiopaque loose bodies. No acute fracture or dislocation. Meaning: Not bad for an old fella.

Bone Density: Researcher John at the U of C stated "Overall, I would say your bone health is very good. I was not surprised by the results, mainly for the tibia. The one thing that really surprised me was the values for your radius. I did not think they would be as high as the tibia, but your wrist bones were looking a lot better than I expected. My initial thoughts are that there may be some sort of whole-body effects occurring with your extreme lifestyle over the past year."  Meaning: We have to do more testing!

Heart: Normal left ventricular size, wall motion and wall thickness with an estimated left ventricular ejection fraction of approximately 60%. No other significant abnormality is identified. Meaning: The ticker's still going.

Well, that's the Coles notes. I'll be taking more tests during the year so I'll keep you posted.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (Spider's)

Q. Why are spiders good swimmers?
A. They have webbed feet!

Quote of the Day

"We are not retreating - we are advancing in another direction"

General Douglas MacArthur

The inside of the radius bone (looks like an Aero bar!)

Radius Bone image

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