80 years Young

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Quest completed:

  • Comrades Quest 87

  • The Comrades Marathon (87km)
  • Sunday May 29th 2011
  • Durban to Pietermaritzburg
  • South Africa
  • Finish Time (target): 11hrs 59 mins 59secs
  • Finish Time (actual): 11hrs 51min 23sec
  • Course: Stats and map
  • Video: Comrades in 8 1/2 mins

Sue and I have just returned from a three week trip to England. It was a chance to catch up with family and celebrate one very important birthday. Sue's parents, Terryanne and Eric live on the South coast of England, in Dorest. They are only five minutes from some amazing beaches and if they head in land they're in the New Forest. There are a number of olde worlde pubs and I knew that, if I was to enjoy their offerings, then I had better get some runs in. My favourite route was along Mudeford Quay and past the Haven Pub. This establishment had been around since the late 1700's and was know as a smugglers haunt. Further down the beach was the Avonmouth cafe. Every morning I'd run past the kitchen and the tantilizing smell of fried bacon.

After a week in Dorset I headed down to visit my sister Sally, in Devon. She had recently moved to Princetown in the middle of Dartmoor. Princetown's claim to fame is that it houses Dartmoor Prison, which has been home to some of the most notorius criminals Britain has ever produced. However, I must say it's a runner's paradise. There are hundreds of trails all through the moorland and the views from the "Tors" (granite rock outcrops) are spectacular. Sally mentioned that Steven Spielburg had just been there to finish shooting his latest movie, "War Horse".

Returning to Dorset, it was time to plan the big event, Terryannes 80th birthday. The cakes were ordered and the sandwiches made. The party was in the afternoon and 50 of Terryanne's friends and family joined her to celebrate. She had asked that, instead of presents, people donate money to two chairties. Honour Our Hero's and Right To Play each received $100.

It just goes to show that, no matter what your age, you have the Right To Play. Happy Birthday Terryanne.


Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes

Q: What kind of birds do you usually find locked up?
A: Jail-birds!

Quote of the Day

"We choose to go to the moon, and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard."

John F. Kennedy

Terryanne's 80th Birthday




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