Ice Station Cochrane

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Book Quest 80,000:

  • Complete initial manuscript: July 10th 2011
  • Total words (target): 80,000
  • Words actual (todate): 12,557
  • Words target (Mar 13th): 12,000

Comrades Marathon Training:

  • Race Date: Sunday May 29th 2011
  • Days to the race: 78
  • Race Distance: 89km
  • Training Km's Target (Jan 1st to May 28th): 1292km
  • Training Km's Actual: 280km (21.7%)

Day 10; Dear Diary: Last night I heard the wind howl across the vast expanse of ice. Fear gripped my heart and I wondered what the coming day would bring. I left base camp at 7.30am and made my way across treacherous ice flows. With every step I heard the ice crack and on either side of me crevasses threatened to suck me down to the icey depths below. Up ahead, I could see the vague outlines of three black creatures. The sun, reflecting off the translucent ice almost blinded me. Were they Penguins or the scavenging Ravens? In these parts, a flock had been known to strip a fallen soul in three minutes!!!

You may think that this is an extract from Robert Falcon Scott's diary when he made his attempt to be the first to the South Pole only to be beaten by Roald Amundsen in 1912. But no. In fact It's what happened this morning as I tried to run from my house, the 5kms along the Bow River, to Guy's coffee shop. The river has gone crazy. Huge chunks of ice have blocked the flow causing the river to double in size. As the water has flooded the low-lying areas, it has refrozen, pushing slabs of ice up on to the pathway system. Further downriver the ice is building up under the old bridge, with the very real possibility of it becoming jammed solid. I spent the morning skirting around closed paths and taking pictures of this natural wonder. Before I knew it I had run 30km. A fun day.

Dr Randolph Randolph's book of animal jokes (Spider's)

Q. Why are spiders like tops?
A. They are always spinning!

Quote of the Day

"I decided to go for a little run"

Forrest Gump

Ice cubes in the Bow


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