1st Annual MQ250 Run / Walk

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Marathon Quest 250 1st Annual Run/Walk

  • Date: Saturday, December 31st, 2011

  • Location: Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sport Centre

  • Distance and time: 9.00am Marathon, 12 noon Half Marathon, 1.30pm 10km, 2.15pm 5km, 2.40pm 2.5km

  • Route: 2.5km loop along the stunning Bow River

  • Aid Station: Guy's Bakery "Super Aid Station" (visit it 17 times!)

  • Registration: On the day (8.00am to 8.45am) with a donation to RIGHT TO PLAY

On December 31st 2010 a group of 30 intrepid runners lined up outside the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre in Cochrane. The temperature was -32C with the wind-chill and the motley crew were jumping up and down trying to keep warm. At precisely 9.00am a whistle was blown and the shill note started the final marathon of Marathon Quest 250. Six hours later another 250 men, women and children had joined the group. We ran the final loop along the Bow River and arrived at the doors of the Sports Centre. Then 30 kids and I ran into the indoor field. We were greeted by bagpipes, balloons and a huge cheering crowd. Marathon number 250 was completed at 3.00pm.

That, evening a group of us celebrated the New Years at AC restaurant in Cochrane. Some how I managed to stay on my feet until 1.00am but then it was lights out. Later that morning I checked to see how the fund raising for Right To Play was going. We were at $209,000, a great figure but still well short of the $250,000 we had hoped to raise. I took it easy in January. The donations continued to come in and by January 18th we had hit the target.

It took a little bit of time to adjust after running five marathons a week for a year. I really wasn't sure what to do back in the real world. In March I received an email from Right To Play asking me if I like to go the Benin in West Africa and visit some of the children we had fund raised for. I immediately said yes and in June headed over to Africa. I travelled with Athlete Ambassadors Heather Moyse and Caroline Ouellette and we visited a number of schools. The highlight for me was starting a kids running club. When I asked them what did they want to be called they said "The Undefeatables".

After this trip I realised that the Marathon Quest 250 was a beginning not an end. I established a new goal of completing 10 Quests in 5 years and raising $1M to help 20,000 kids. Quest one was Marathon Quest 250. Quest two, Netball Quest 61, took place in September. A group of us broke the Guinness World Record for the longest Netball game (pending verification) and raised $20,000. Plans are under way for three Quests in 2012 so stay tuned.

As 2011 winds down it's time for a reunion. On saturday, December 31st the 1st Annual Marathon Quest 250 Run / Walk will take place. We will be back at Spray Lakes Sawmills Family Sports Centre. The route is a 2.5km loop along the stunning Bow River and the day will start at 9.00am for all those marathon crazies. The half marathon will be at noon, the 10km at 1.30pm, the 5km at 2.15pm and the 2.5km at 2.40pm. Registration is on the day, from 8.00am to 8.45am, with a donation to Right To Play.  Guy's bakery has been good enough to run the "Super Aid Station". There is only one aid station but if you do the Marathon you can visit it 17 times!!!

This event is for everyone so kids bring your parents and grandparents.

Quote of the Day

"Do not lose hold of your dreams, or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist, but cease to live."

Henry David Thoreau

The final 1km of Marathon Quest 250: Dec. 31st 2010

1st Annual MQ250 Run / Walk

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