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Marathon Quest 250 1st Annual Run/Walk

  • Date: Saturday, December 31st

  • Location: Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sport Centre

  • Distance and time: 9.00am Marathon, 12 noon Half Marathon, 1.30pm 10km, 2.15pm 5km, 2.40pm 2.5km

  • Route: 2.5km loop along the stunning Bow River

  • Aid Station: Guy's Bakery "Super Aid Station" (visit it 17 times!)

  • Registration: On the day (8.00am to 8.45am) with a donation to RIGHT TO PLAY

There's no free lunch on PEI. You leave the Island either by the Confederation Bridge or a ferry from Wood Islands to Caribou, Nova Scotia. Either way you pay. We took the one hour ferry ride and started our trip into Cape Breton and the Cabot Trail. We had been told to drive the trail in an anti-clockwise for a better view. This is a good idea except that Sue is not good with heights.

A number of the cafes and restaurants had closed for the season but we did find the "Clucking Chicken", highly recommended for their specialty grilled cheese sandwich. There I found a leaflet for "Two Tittle" B&B. The leaflet stated that "Two Tittle is located in the tiny fishing community of White Point, a short distance off the Cabot Trail in North-eastern Cape Breton. This is truly where the green of the hills meets the blue of the sea and the birthplace of renowned Scottish Fiddler, Winston Scotty Fitzgerald, whose melodies were inspired by the surrounding beauty and a simple way of life". It sounded good.

Cyril and Marguerite welcomed us and after unpacking we headed to Meat Cove. I had spotted the name on the map and it appeared to be the most Northerly point on Nova Scotia. The road was horrendous, gravel, rutted and steep. Who would want to live here? A bit of history on Meat Cove. The name Meat Cove comes from fishing fleets using the natural protected cove to come ashore and hunt moose to replenish their supplies. The MacLellans and Frasers have lived in Meat Cove for generations. During the last forty years a number of US and central Canadian residents have lived in the village for various lengths of time.

Next morning Sue and I walked the trail to White Point and visited the Sailors graveyard on the peninsula. A total of 95 bodies are buried there, the big stones represent where  adults are buried and the small stones for children. There is one large cross for the "Unknown Sailor". After a full English breakfast we said goodbye to Cyril and Marguerite and left White Point, continuing south around the trail and enjoying the amazing scenery. Over the next couple of days we visited friends in Louisdale and Port Hawkesbury.

Our final day was spent in Halifax. News had just been announced that the Irwin Shipyard had been awarded a $25B, 30 year contact for a number of Navy ships. As Mayor Peter Kelly stated "It's like winning the Olympics 30 years in a row". We headed out to Crystal Crescent Beach Provincial Park. This park is only 20 minutes from downtown Halifax and is a stunning spot. Sue and I walked the beaches and ended up on a rock outcrop watching the waves crashing in. That evening I had my final seafood chowder. My next evening meal would be an Alberta steak.

In total, we drove 3,002km on our Maritimes road trip. Now that's 71 marathons (72 if you count the one on PEI).

Quote of the Day

"Do not lose hold of your dreams, or aspirations. For if you do, you may still exist, but cease to live."

Henry David Thoreau

The grave of the Unknown Sailor at White Point, Nova Scotia

White Point

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