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Quests for Kids

Event #2:

Netball Quest 61

  • Guinness Book of Records Challenge for the Longest Game of Netball EVER>>>>>

  • Event: To play a game of Netball for 61 hours continuously
  • Where is it: South Fish Creek recreation Complex (S.E Calgary)
  • Start time: 5.30pm Friday Sept.16th
  • Finish time: 6.30am Monday Sept.19th
  • Reason to do it: Right To Play fundraiser

Last Saturday morning at the South Fish Creek Recreational complex I had the opportunity to meet the other members of the "Netball Quest 61" squad. It had been a huge challenge to find 24 players willing to play 61 hours of netball but at 11.00am that morning we were ready for our first and last practice session.

Previously, I had only met four of the team members so I took some time this morning to learn about the rest of the squad. After reading each of the biographies, some very interesting facts emerged:

  • 8 team members are male and 16 are female.
  • 12 are Senior A players, 5 Senior B and 7 have very little experience (to be kind)
  • The countries these player were born includes Canada, England, Fiji, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Tanzania.
  • A number of the players have represented Canada, in netball, at the international level.
  • Several players are elite athletes in various sports including Lacrosse, Bobsleigh and Mountain Guiding.
  • One player is one of Canada's pre-eminent fitness trainers.
  • One player is an Olympian.
  • One player is a Social Media guru.

Julie Arnold, from Netball Alberta, is the glue that's holding this whole thing together. The logistics for "Netball Quest 61" are mind boggling. Making it a Guinness Book of Records event means there are checks and counter-checks. Julie's has been lining up over 70 volunteers for duties such as umpires, timekeepers and witnesses. Then there's the requirement to have the whole thing video graphed. That means continuous coverage for 61 hours. On top of that, Guinness wants a one hour edited highlights DVD.

Still, it seems to be coming together. On Friday afternoon we'll take along our sleeping bags and tooth brushes to the recreation centre. Then, at 5.30pm, on Friday Sept. 16th the record breaking attempt will begin. It would be great if you could come down to cheer us on. If not, check us out on the "LIVE STREAM"

Let the games begin.


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Quote of the Day: School Kids

"use social networking to help raise money for the children"

Alejandro (Grade 3/4), West Dalhousie School

Members of Netball Quest 61 ready for the big game

NQ61 Team picture

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