Lacrosse 101

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  • Start: 7.00pm Friday April 27th 2012

  • Finish: 7.00pm Saturday April 28th 2012

  • Location:South Fish Creek Recreational Centre, Calgary

  • RTP Fundraising Target: $50,000

  • RTP Fundraising Actual: $12,593.81

Last time I talked to you, my entry into the world of Lacrosse was about to begin, with "Lacrosse Boot Camp" at Springbank Community High School. Teacher Katie had invited me to join a grade 9 class each afternoon for a week and one of her students, Kyle, would be my trainer. Before my first session, I had to figure out what gear I needed. Gord, the Manager at Edge Sports in Cochrane, said he would help me. I took my bag of hockey gear down to the store to see if any of it would be of use. Gord went through each item and threw out half of it. I was sad to see my twenty-five year-old shoulder pads in the garbage can. Gord was great and set me up with a new face mask, shoulder pads, slash guards and wrist protection. I was ready for anything the grade 9 students could throw at me. Or so I thought.

On the afternoon of Monday March 5th, at 2.00 pm, I lined up in the gym with a class of students and we completed twenty sprints. My normal pace is slow and this exercise certainly got the heart rate up. I noticed that the rest of the students were wearing shorts and T-shirts, so I figured out that my full body armour was probably not needed. The first day we did passing routines and I was surprised at how hard the ball was. It's made of compressed rubber and when it hits the ground it shoots off like a bullet. Kyle was great and he showed me how to give a pass, receive a pass and shoot. At the end of the week I thanked Katie and the students for all their support.

My next step along the training ladder was a big one. Geoff Snider of the Calgary Roughnecks had offered to give me some one-on-one tuition. Geoff takes the face-offs for the team and has the highest success percentage of any player in the National Lacrosse League. He operates Elev8 Lacrosse, which, every Spring, runs skills camps for kids. I explained to Geoff that I was trying to set a Guinness World Record for the longest game of Box Lacrosse and raise money for Right To Play. He was 100% supportive and agreed to take on this old dog. After the first session I had to soak in our hot tub as my muscles were screaming.

As part of my preparation, I've also been to a few Roughnecks games. It was great to be in the crowd, for their last home game of the season, as they beat the Rochester Knighthawks 15-14. I'm now looking forward to the playoffs.

So here we are on April 9th and we are only 18 days away from the big event. The Guinness World Record attempt starts at 7.00pm Friday April 27th at the South Fish Creek Recreation Arena and if all goes well we will set the record at 7.00pm Saturday April 28th. If you have some free time come on down and cheer us on

Quote of the Day

"Let me win: But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt"

Special Olympics Athlete Oath

Lacrosse training with Grade 9 student, Kyle (yellow top) and a couple of his class mates at Springbank Community High School

Lacrosse 101

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