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  • Start: 7.00pm Friday April 27th 2012

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At 10.30am on Tuesday April 17th I arrived at Ecole Mother Teresa School in Calgary. This visit was not to run at the school or talk to the students. I was there to observe and help out with a very special program called NSTEP. NSTEP stands for Nutrition, Students, and Teachers Exercising with Parents. The founder of this organization is Deb Hymers and I had met Deb the previous Saturday at the Co-op Whole Health Challenge 10, 5 and 2km races. NSTEP was the recipient of $10,000 from Co-op and Deb explained to me the work they do in schools.

NSTEP is a not-for-profit registered charity, providing hands-on nutrition and physical activity programs directly into the classroom in Alberta and British Columbia. Their goal is to prevent obesity in children and youth. The 'NSTEP EAT WALK LIVE program provides fun, interactive nutrition and activity education to every student and teacher within a school community. The entire school shares a common message and collectively works together to create a cultural change leading to a healthier school environment. Parent education is also provided.

Deb invited me to visit a school on a program day and here I was. On this day the students would participate in Snack Attacks, where student leaders from upper level classes (grades 4+) are taught how to make a healthy snack. These student leaders then go teach their class, who then go and share their knowledge with their little buddies in K-3.

I helped Deb and her team bring in all the food for the snack attack and within 10 minutes we had 10 student leaders ready to make breakfast parfaits. Three long tables were set up and students started to fill plastic glasses with Greek yogurt. However, before any food preparation was started all students had to follow the #1 rule: Thoroughly wash your hands. Soon the production line was in full swing. While several students spooned out the yogurt, others filled plates with blue berries and cheerios. Then they were off to a class with their goodies.

The next phase of the snack attack was "Veggy dip". Here the students prepared trays of snow peas; broccoli and spinach with a light dip and headed off to the other classrooms. Don't tell me that kids don't like their veggies. Tray after tray came back empty.

By 12 noon it was finished. The school had been fed a very healthy breakfast parfait and veggy dip. Deb and her team cleaned everything up and they were off to the next school. I chatted to Principle Kevin about NSTEP. He said he was extremely impressed with the programs they have and felt that all schools could benefit from there efforts.

Job well done Deb and NSTEP.

Quote of the Day

"I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli."

George W Bush

The Breakfast Parfait production line is well under way at Ecole Mother Teresa School in Calgary


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