The 10th Quest

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Lacrosse Quest 24


  • Start: 7.00pm Friday May 4th 2012

  • Finish: 7.00pm Saturday May 5th 2012

  • Location:South Fish Creek Recreational Centre, Calgary

  • RTP Fundraising Target: $50,000

  • RTP Fundraising Actual: $450

A week ago Sue and I headed up to Edmonton. I had an appointment with Michael Jorgensen of Myth Merchant Films. Michael had been one of the producers I had made a pitch to at the Alberta Write Stuff Workshop. He talked about his current project, a documentary about a man going back to Vietnam. We talked about Marathon Quest 250 and Quest for Kids. Michael then introduced his "Story" equation.

Story = Strong Character + Active Quest / High Stakes X2

He noted that Marathon Quest 250 has a strong character, the Quest was now completed and the stakes were physical damage and trying to hit the fundraising target.

Looking at Quest for Kids. He said that it has a strong character; Quests are on going, there is a physical challenge and there is a need to have the funds focused on a specific group or groups.

We then discussed the "The 10th Quest". We kicked around a number of ideas like run the seven deserts on the seven continents. I brought up the idea of running around the coast of Great Britain in 2014. Michael suggested we tie it into a significant event in 2014 that links a great explorer. There has to be a time component and the funds raised must be linked to a specific town or village in Africa.

The idea would be to rekindle the British spirit of perseverance, effort, and sacrifice. Terryanne, my mother-in-law, calls me "The Brit with Grit". I think it should be a cross between Sir Edmund Hilary and Karl Pilkington.

Sue came up with the idea of running from Cairo to the village I played table tennis at in Ethiopia.

The Saturday morning runners came up with the idea of running across the Sahara on snowshoes.

If anyone's got a crazy idea for "The 10th Quest" please send it along.

Quote of the Day

"Every noble work is at first impossible."

Thomas Carlyle

What will be "The 10th Quest"?

The 10th Quest


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