1st Anniversary Marathon

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  • Start: 7.00pm Friday May 4th

  • Finish: 7.00pm Saturday May 5th

  • Location: South Fish Creek Recreational Centre

  • RTP Fund raising target: $50,000

On December 31st 2010 the temperature was -32C at 9.00am. This was the day of marathon #250 for the year and a small group of people stood huddled waiting for the start of the final run. What a difference a year makes. Early Saturday morning, on December 31st 2011, I looked out the front door and read -5C on the thermometer, a much more civilised temperature. My friend David Houghton was visiting from Toronto and we headed down to the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre in Cochrane.

A couple of days earlier I had walked the loop with Brian, one of the centres maintenance personnel. I was a bit shocked to see the condition of the trail from the facility to the pathway. With the warm weather most of the snow had gone and large rocks were sticking out everywhere. Brian and I looked for another access and found one by the camp ground. That day I ran the route and found that it was 2 km rather than 2.5 km, no problem, it would just mean that we would have to do 21 laps instead of 17.

We arrived at the centre at 8.00am and were met by Ginelle, Steve and Kimberley from the University of Calgary Right To Play club. They have helped out at a number of my events in 2010 / 2011 and have done a terrific job. Slowly runners starting to arrive and by 8.50 we had 20 individuals ready to start the marathon. At 9.00am precisely I blew the bear whistle and off we went. We completed loop after loop and at 10km we took a break and enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookies provided by Guy's Bakery at the "Super Aid Station" set up in the entrance.

We finished the half marathon at 11.35am and relaxed for a few minutes. Jason from down under travel had set up a booth promoting the Cook Islands Quest 100. This we be a destination race / Right To Play fund raiser and we hope to take 40 people down with us to Rarotonga in September.

During the rest of the day runners joined us for the half marathon, 10km, 5km and 2.5km and at 3.00pm the marathon was complete. In total we had 107 participates and raised $2,827. This will allow 140 kids to have a Right To Play programme for one year. Everyone enjoyed the day and we're all looking forward to getting together for the 2nd Annual Marathon Quest 250 run / walk on Monday December 31st 2012.

Quote of the Day

"I can't understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I'm frightened of the old ones."

John Cage

Heidi Moores, age 6, leads the pack at the end of the 1st Annual Marathon Quest 250 run / walk. Nice one girl.

1st Anniversary Marathon

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