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  • Location: South Fish Creek Recreational Centre

  • RTP Fund raising target: $50,000

It doesn't seem like a year ago that I played in the 3rd Annual Kimmett Cup pond hockey tournament. It was January 22nd 2011 and I had finished Marathon Quest 250 only three weeks prior. I had a great day with the Rotary Raucous Relics and promised myself that I would train and be better prepared for the 2012 event. Well, on Friday January 20th, 12 months latter, I opened the hockey bag for the first time. This was not good. It is important to wash all the gear, immediately after the game.

Last Saturday, as I drove down to Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre I thought about why I was participating in the 4th Annual Kimmett Cup. Sadly, in February 2008 Lindsay Leigh Kimmett was killed in a car crash. Her parents, Kelly and Dianne have set up a foundation in her memory. One of Lindsay's loves was hockey and so the first memorial hockey tournament was held in 2009.  In 2010 the foundation donated $5,000 to Right To Play in support of Marathon Quest 250.

At the arena, I picked up the "Rotary Raucous Relics" sweaters and headed to the dressing room. I noticed that all the shirts had the number 25 on them and I asked one of my team mates what it signified.  He told me that, in 2002, when Lindsay first switched from ringette to hockey, she discussed with her brother Reid which number she should have on her new jersey. He asked her what her favourite numbers were and she said 20 and 5, so Reid said her number should be 25. Throughout her years with the Rangers, Prowlers, Sirens, Jets, and Macaques she always wore the number 25. To honour Lindsay the Southern Alberta Women's Hockey League have sewn "25" patches onto their jerseys.

The "Relics" had a slow start, losing to the "Pro H2O's". However, when we played our next game, at Mitford pond, we came on like gang busters and won against the "Baby Incredibles". The third game was critical to making it to the play-off. Unfortunately, we were pipped at the post by the "Misfits". The weather was amazing, after a week of  bone-crunching cold. The sun was out and CTV, Global and CBC caught all the action. Make sure you tune into "Hockey Day in Canada" on February 11th.

The wrap-up party was held at AC's restaurant, in Cochrane. This year, the proceeds will go to the "LINDSAY Virtual Human Project", a 3-D, interactive computer model of anatomy and physiology, being developed by the University of Calgary's Faculty of Medicine and Department of Computer Science. It will be used to educate medical students.

Towards the end of the evening, the winning recreational and competitive division winners received their prizes. Players were invited reunite in 2013 for the 5th Annual Kimmett Cup. Finally, I joined Reid in announcing that, as part of next years event, a Guinness World Record will be attempted, for the most hockey players to play in an exhibition game of hockey.

Stay tuned.

Quote of the Day

"Only when we learn to be humble about outselves, can we begin to respect others"

Lindsay Leigh Kimmett

Great action at the 4th Annual Kimmett Cup pond hockey tournament

Kimmett Cup

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