Kraft Celebration Tour

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Next Events:

Cook Islands Quest 100 (Quest #4)

  • Friday Sept. 21st 2012

  • Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean

TriOil-Soccer Quest 42 (Quest #5)

  • Friday Oct. 5th to Sunday Oct. 7th 2012

  • Location: Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, Cochrane, Alberta

In 2008 Kraft got together with TSN and came up with an idea. They wanted to celebrate small town Canada and support community projects. They asked for nominations from across the country and the winners in the 10 Provinces / Territories would receive a $25,000 prize each.

They received hundreds of applications and in a two week vote-off; two towns were selected from each area. It then came down to a head-to-head, 24 hour, vote-off for the winner. The winning town in Alberta in 2011 was Devon. After recently rebranding their community as Bike Town, Alberta, the community of Devon embarked on a multi-phase project to build a mountain bike skills park. In addition, the reward from Kraft inspired not only the youth of the community to give back and help build the park themselves, but the entire community as well. The Mountain Bike Skills Park build began in October of 2011 and includes: teeter totters, a suspension bridge, rock features, skinnies and more.

This year the contest is between Cochrane and Innisfail. Kelly Kimmett, a Pharmacist in Cochrane, sent in an amazing application and he proposed that, if we won, the $25,000 would be spent on Mitford Park recreation area.  Upgrades would include: Improvements on the soccer pitch, bleachers for the fans, band shell and ball diamond concession and washrooms upgrades, improved lighting on the skating and fishing pond, portable rink dividers, and resurfacing of pathways for Cochrane's huge running festival Footstock. The park will be able to host a multitude of sporting and community events for years to come.

The centrepiece of the revamp is the construction of a storage/concession/media building  on the shore of Mitford Pond along with improved washrooms and skate changing area to help The Kimmett Cup organization (Lindsay Kimmett an outstanding young lady from Cochrane who was taken tragically in a MVA in 2008) put on one of Alberta's largest pond hockey tournaments each January.

Kelly had mentioned a couple of things about "Marathon Quest 250" and last Wednesday, Cameraman Sid and Soundman Per came out and did a shoot for TSN. We headed out to Kananaskis Country and I ran around Barrier Lake, across a meadow at Kananaskis Lodge and along a ridge at Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

The big "Vote-Off" is coming. On July 11th at 10am (MDT) to July 12th at 10am Cochrane vs. Innisfil is the head-to-head challenge. WE NEED YOU!!!! Go to and vote as many times as you can in 24 hours. If we win, the tour will come to Cochrane between Aug 17th and 26th.

Now is our time.

Quote of the Day

We travel on the road to adventure, on a desert highway straight to the heart of the sun. Like loves and heroes, and the restless part of everyone, we're only at home when we're on the run, on the run."

Neal Peart, Dreamline

Hanging out with Sid and Per while doing a shoot for TSN in Kananaskis Country

Kraft Celebration Tour

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