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Next Events:

Cook Islands Quest 100 (Quest #4)

  • Friday Sept. 28th 2012

  • Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean

TriOil-Soccer Quest 42 (Quest #5)

  • Friday Oct. 5th to Sunday Oct. 7th 2012

  • Location: Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, Cochrane, Alberta

July 1st is Canada Day and Sue and I headed to Redwood Meadows to be part of the parade. Right To Play supporter Carol had organized a float to collect pennies for the "Ton of Pennies" fund raiser in aid of "TriOil-Soccer Quest 42". The float had an 18' canoe loaded onto a trailer and a tipi covered with a huge Right To Play banner. Carol and her fiends had dropped off paper bags for pennies around the community and at house after house we picked up the coins. It was a terrific day and as I drove home it got me thinking about Quests for Kids.

In the majority of sporting events there's a break. This is a time to catch your breath and have some nutrition. Also, at this point, the coach will go over what's happened in the first half and talk about the strategy for the rest of the game. In soccer the first half is 45 minutes. In Quests for Kids the first half was two and a half years.

The plan is to complete 10 Quests in 5 years raise $1m for Right To Play and help 20,000 children. I started on January 1st 2010 and yesterday, July 1st 2012, was half time. So let's review what's happened so far:

  • Three Quests have been completed; Marathon, Netball and Lacrosse.
  • Two Guinness World Records have been set in Netball and Lacrosse.
  • We've raised $382,255.73 for Right To Play.
  • Right To Play partners have matched every $1 raised with another $3 for Lacrosse.
  • A total of 9,952 children will receive a Right To Play program.
  • I was made a RTP Honorary Athlete Ambassador and visited Benin in West Africa.

There's a lot still to do and, in the dressing room, the coach goes over what needs to happen in the next two and a half years.

  • Seven Quests still left to do.
  • Three are planned; Ultra marathon, Soccer and Hockey.
  • Two are Guinness World Record attempts.
  • Four need to be figured out.
  • Still have to raise $617,744.27 and help 10,048 children
  • Right To Play partners will add $3 to every $1 raised for the Ultra marathon, Soccer and Hockey events.
  • Marathon Quest: The book is being published on October 15th 2012.

So there it is. The full time whistle will go at midnight on December 31st 2014. I'll give you a complete game report the following day.

Oh, by the way, Carol and her penny gang collected 420 lbs of pennies. Now that's a great way to kick off the second half.

Quote of the Day

"The fullness of life lies in dreaming, and manifesting, the impossible dreams."

Sri Chinmoy

The "Penny Float" is on the move with the penny collectors ready for action.

Penny Float

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