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A couple weeks ago I received a call to go to Smitty's for a breakfast meeting. The call came from Alex Baum and I know Alex from the Cochrane Rotary Club. He said that he wanted me to meet with Jack Tennant and Dan Kroffat. Jack is the owner of the Cochrane Eagle and has been a huge supporter of Quests for Kids. I had met Dan at several meetings regarding the Glenbow Ranch Rotary Music and Motion event.

Dan kicked off the meeting by telling a story. In early May an announcement had been made that the Canadian penny would no longer be minted. He had heard Jim Flaherty say that "Canadians should donate their remaining pennies to charitable causes". This had given Dan an idea and he shared it with Alex and Jack.

They told me that they wanted to do a fund raiser called "Ton of Pennies". They had talked about it and agreed that they wanted to support TriOil-Soccer Quest 42 and Right To Play. I thought it was a brilliant idea and went home to find out more about the venerable penny.

According to the Royal Canadian Mint, the official national term of the coin is the "one-cent piece", but in practice the term penny or cent is universal. Originally, "penny" referred to a two-cent coin. When the two-cent coin was discontinued, penny took over as the new one-cent coin's name. Penny was likely readily adopted because the previous coinage in Canada (up to 1858) was the British monetary system, where Canada used British, pound, shilling and pence coinage alongside U.S. decimal coins and Spanish milled dollars.

There are presently 30 billion pennies in circulation at a value of $300m. Now 5,000 pennies ($50) gives a child a Right To Play program for one year. I figured out that 5,000 pennies weighed 27.6 lbs so with 2,000 lbs to the ton then a "Ton of Pennies" would help 72 children. On top of that, for every penny raised, Right To Play Partners will add another 3 pennies there by helping 288 children for every "Ton of Pennies" collected.

Alex, Dan and Jack had arranged a press conference on Saturday at Cochrane Toyota, for the launch of "Ton of Pennies" and we had a good crowd in attendance. It was great to see so many kids from Cochrane Minor Soccer and they had a blast pouring hand full of pennies into huge wine jars.

The "Ton of Pennies" fund raiser goes from June 9th to September 29th. So if you have a chance, take your jar of pennies up to Cochrane Toyota and help us achieve a "Ton of Pennies".

Show me the Pennies!!!!!

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Caden needed a helping hand so he could put his pennies into the large wine jar. Every penny counts in the Right To Play "Ton of Pennies" fund raiser.

Ton of Pennies

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