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Cook Islands Quest 100 (Quest #4)

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  • Start: 9.00pm Friday September 28th 2012

  • Finish: 11.00am Saturday September 29th 2012

  • Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean

  • RTP Fundraising Target: $25,000

  • RTP Fundraising Actual: $2,783

Recently I visited Glenbow Elementary School and talked to a two grade 3 classes about writing and publishing a book. These students have to write and illustrate their own books and then they will be self published. I talked about the three books I had self published and the current one I'm working on. The first one was "How do you eat an Elephant?". This was about my four month cycle trip across Africa on my bike. I explained to the students that I kept a diary on the trip and every few days I would find an internet café and update my blog. I also took over 700 photos on the trip and when I came back to Canada I added the pictures to the daily blog and got it self published on at Lulu.com. I had 25 copies printed and gave them away to family and friends at Christmas.

My second book was "Riverbank friends". My mother-in-law Terryanne wrote a poem about animals living by a riverbank and I illustrated the verses. The third book was "Pause for Thought". This time Terryanne wrote a number of poems and I added pictures to each one.

I then talked about the book I am presently working on "Marathon Quest". I explained to the students that I had written a blog every day I ran my 250 marathons in 2010. I had sent a book proposal to Rocky Mountain Books and they said they wanted to publish it. In October 2011 I sent in a manuscript and then the work really began. It took three months working with an editor to get the book in shape.

One student, Tristan, said that he felt "a little bothered" when he was getting his work edited. I told him that I agreed with him. It's difficult when someone else changes your work but in the end it's usually for the best. I spent the rest of the afternoon helping edit the student's stories. Jocelyn had a great one about climbing Mount Everest; Treyton's was about the attack of a T-Rex; Ty told the touching tail of Joe Mouse, Billy Bull and Bob the Cowboy who were bitter enemies but became friends and Jonathan wrote about a very unusual Easter egg hunt.

I'm looking forward to buying a signed copy of all of these publications.

Quote of the Day

"So many books, so little time"

Frank Zappa

It's always important to pick a good photo for the cover of a book

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