Hockey Marathon

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Cook Islands Quest 100 (Quest #4)

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  • Start: 9.00pm Friday September 28th 2012

  • Finish: 11.00am Saturday September 29th 2012

  • Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean

  • RTP Fundraising Target: $25,000

  • RTP Fundraising Actual: $2,883

Over the last year I've investigated many endurance Guinness World Records. One of the first ones I looked up was tennis. When I first checked it out, the singles record stood at 36 hours. Not bad. I love tennis and the idea of playing a 61 setter seemed cool. However, ever time I rechecked the record someone had broken it and now it's at 56 hours. That seems a bit much.

My first Guinness record was set last September when a group of 24 of us played 61 hours of netball and more recently, in April, a group of 42 of us set the first Box Lacrosse record at 24 hours (pending verification). My next attempt will be in October in Cochrane when a group of 16 of us will attempt to set a new 5-a-side soccer record at 42 hours. Other current records include curling at 54 hours, volleyball at 80 hours and table tennis at 132 hours. The grand daddy of them all is ice hockey at 241 hours; however this is going to change this week.

Last October Alex Halat wanted to do something for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. He talked to a group of friends and they had a simple idea. Play a hockey game. However this would be no ordinary game. It would have to last 250 hours. At noon on May 6th the puck was dropped and the game was on. Their objective is to raise $1.5m to help the Foundation continue research for battling pediatric cancer and provide life-saving equipment for the pediatric intensive care unit.

Sue and I visited the Chestermere Recreation Centre last Saturday and a huge "Hockey Marathon" banner was across the entrance to the building. We entered the arena and one side was lined with tables full of silent auction hockey paraphernalia. Next to the Children's Hospital booth was the timing clock. It read 149 hours 23 mins 41 secs. Just over 100 hours to go. The game was a full tilt and one of the goalies was lying across the crease, saving his energy. The players play 4 hours on, 4 hours off for the whole 10 ½ days.

As we walked around we noticed Theo Fleury in the stands chatting with the crowd and cheering on the players. The walls of the arena were covered with posters with pictures and words giving support to the players and on one section was a massive banner with messages from the students at Praire Water Elementary School.

Spending an hour at this event got me excited about Soccer Quest 42. This will be held at the Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre in Cochrane from 6.00pm October 5th to noon October 7th. The Guinness World Record attempt will be a fund raiser for Right To Play and it will be something the whole community can participate in.

Quote of the Day

"Discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind"

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Hockey Marathon: action at the 149 hours 23 mins 41 secs mark

Hockey Marathon

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