LQ24 Quest #3: Completed

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Next Event:

Cook Islands Quest 100 (Quest #4)

Every $1 donated matched by $3 by Right To Play Partners !!!!!!!!

  • Start: 9.00pm Friday September 28th 2012

  • Finish: 11.00am Saturday September 29th 2012

  • Location: Rarotonga, Cook Islands, Pacific Ocean

  • RTP Fundraising Target: $25,000

  • RTP Fundraising Actual: $2,733

I have never been as sore as I was on Sunday. Normally, after a marathon or ultramarathon, it's my legs that are killing me. This time after Lacrosse Quest 24 it was a whole body ache. Starting with the feet, all that stopping and starting rubbed them raw. Then the knees. I took a couple of very dramatic tumbles and used my knees to break my fall on the concrete. Not good. The calves and quads got a going over running up and down the arena floor for hours on end. Next the back, shoulders and arms. Pass after pass and shot after shot gave them a good work out.

However it was all worth it. At 7.00pm on Saturday night we completed 24 hours of Box Lacrosse and achieved a brand new Guinness World Record (pending verification). In total 43 players started and 43 finished. The final score was Donkeys (my team) 299 and Unicorns 296. I scored three goals, not bad for my first game.

But the Quest is not over. The first part, getting the Guinness World Record is done. The second part is to reach the $50,000 donation target we set ourselves for Right To Play and the kids. We are currently at $28,700 so we need more help to reach our goal. If you wish to donate please hit the big red button on the left and follow the prompts. Every $1 you donate will be matched by $3 by the Right To Play Partners for a total of $4. What this means is that a $50 donation which would normally help one child with a Right To Play program now let's you help four children. Now that's what I call amazing.

Quote of the Day

"The most important thing about a goal is having one"

Geoffrey F Abert

It's done. At 7.02pm Saturday April 28th Lacrosse Quest 24 was completed.

LQ24 the end

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