Sandy 14 days later

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It's been just over two weeks since I spent the day at St Jacobi Lutheran Church in Brooklyn. I went to New York to run the marathon and ended up as a "Runner" in a relief centre for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. My job was to collect items from a list, run up stairs and load cars, vans and trucks. The day I was there they ran out of blankets, baby food and first aid kits.

Fourteen days later I was interested to find out what was happening at the church. Were things sorting themselves out? Had the Red Cross and the local authorities taken control of the situation? I started by going to "Occupy Sandy Recovery" webpage. This group has done a brilliant job of stepping up and kicking off the relief effort while the official relief groups bumbled around. Occupy Sandy uses twitter to communicate and these are the tweets from the last 60 minutes:

  • SOS: 40 Volunteers needs TONIGHT to help serve Thanksgiving Dinner @ Breezy Point FD. Email
  • Rockaway could use 50 volunteers to help every day! Come to Jacobi at 9:30 am and ask for Kei. Bring a car and friends!
  • We need toilet paper, paper towels, and instant coffee at 520 Clinton
  • Any chance of a prepared food donation to feed Sandy Survivors?
  • If anyone can help find a new space for the Jacobi operation--office, distribution and warehouse space--please contact us ASAP
  • Needed on Staten Island, "Tools, Hardware, and Outdoor Living" from this Amazon Registry.
  • OS Staten Island in serious need of supplies and volunteers! We need tools for demo & clean-up
  • The new kitchen in Bay Ridge, at 9818 Fort Hamilton Parkway, is understaffed and in need of volunteers. Please come help if you can!
  • IMPORTANT! The Sunset Pk hub appreciates the hospitality of the Jacobi community, but as of Nov. 30, we need a new distro/warehouse space

One thing with twitter is that you have to be clear and concise. It's pretty clear to me that there are still huge issues and people need help.

If you can head down and help out at St Jacobi's then that's great but if you want to donate then you can do it through .

These people get things done.

Quote of the Day

"In life you don't have to do a lot, you just have to do something"

Marathon Martin

I took this photo two weeks ago. From the tweets over the last hour. It sounds like not much has changed since then. Unbelievable.

Sandy Part 3

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