Sandy Part 1

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Well, where to begin? I guess that would be the morning of Thursday November 1st at Calgary airport. Not a good beginning to our trip, as the icy fog was preventing any aircraft from landing or taking off. Sue and I were told the delay would hopefully be around two hours, but there was no guarantee we'd be going anywhere.  Our plane tried to land, but was diverted to Lethbridge - who'd have known they have an airport.  Sue grabbed two seats in the departure lounge, which was becoming increasingly crowded and I went to join the queue at the departure desk. I needed to find out if I could rebook our connecting flight from Chicago to New York. Mission accomplished, but we didn't know if we'd make it. Eventually, our plane landed, managed to leave again and we headed off. Running from one terminal to the next, we caught the connection from Chicago and headed to the Big Apple.

On arrival, we jumped into a taxi and headed to the Westin on 42nd. Street. The drive was eerie, parts of the city were in total blackness and there were no lights in the tunnels. The driver told us that many parts of the city were still without power, due to the ravages of Hurricane Sandy and we were fortunate to be staying in an area with power. By the time we got to the hotel, it was midnight our time and we were ready for bed.

The next morning, we went to the Right To Play office to meet with Ally, who worked there and Sarah, my Right To Play contact, who'd flown in from Toronto. Ally explained that the area where she had her apartment was without power and she had spent two days and nights on her own with nothing but candles and a wind-up radio, listening to the BBC world service. She went back to work on the Thursday, but found it really scary going home, as 70% of people in her area had left, there was no street lighting; the elevator didn't work in her block. She said it felt like walking into a black cave, not knowing if anyone was there.  She decided to spend that night sleeping on the office floor and was then going to book into a hotel. She'd been going to a nearby gym, just to use the shower. Fortunately, for her, she was flying out to Rwanda on Sunday with RTP. We said goodbye to Ally and, with Sarah, we headed to the race expo.

Quote of the Day

"There is a big wind blowing today and I'm part of it. I want to make a difference and, above all, I want to be a good person from here on out."

Neil Young, "Waging Heavy Peace"

Driving along 42nd street in New York. Two blocks south there was no power all the way to Staten Island.

Sandy Part 1

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