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Next Events:

Hockey Quest 500 (Quest #6)

  • Saturday January 19th 2013

  • 8.00am to 5.00pm

  • Location: Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre, Cochrane, Alberta

Kilimanjaro Quest 95.2 (Quest #7)

  • Sunday March 3rd to March 6th 2013

  • Run the marathon then 3 days later climb the mountain.

  • Location: Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

  • Click here to sign up: KQ95.2

The first weekend in January I spent at the Chapters store in Crowfoot. Julia, the store manager, had scheduled me in for a book signing and at 11.00am sharp each day I had my stall set up. During the two days I had many great conversations with the shoppers and sold a number of books. One particular conversation I had was with Glenda and her son Marcus. I had been in contact with Glenda on face book and she wanted to know how she could support "Quests for Kids". One idea she had was for her son to complete a 55km x-country ski "birkie" which I thought was a great idea. They bought a book and Glenda said she'd be in touch.

A week later I received this email "I've been reading your book and it has really resonated with me (I'm just at the "Right To Play" chapter). We all have a story and sports have changed my life as well. I saw a t-shirt at the Running Room and it said, "Running, it's cheaper than therapy." Loved it! I have always said that I have skied my demons away and that is where I am at peace and with God! You have helped our family with your Marathon Quest, sports have helped me and my children and we would like to "pass it forward."

Glenda went on to say that she had chatted with her husband Richard and other son, Derek, and they wanted to do a number of events and fund raise during 2013. On Sunday evening I dropped over to their house and we talked about Right To Play and their activities around the world. We then brainstormed ideas for events they could do. The one I liked was from the boys. They want to do a 5km race, one on stilts, the other on a pogo stick. Count me in. Later that evening, I left their house and was so impressed with what they wanted to do as a family. They will do events individually or together, raise funds for a great cause (they're shooting for $25,000) and have loads of fun.

You can help them along their way. Just go to: and check out their site. Make a donation and maybe join them for one of their events. In life you don't have to do a lot but you have to do something. Go Zamzow Family Go.

Quote of the Day

"An ordinary family attempting an extraordinary challenge"

Glenda Zamzow

The Zamzow family; Derek, Glenda, Marcus and Richard, looking forward to the year ahead. Let the games begin.

The Zamzow Family

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