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On Saturday night I had an appointment to keep with Elijah Thompson at the Kyle Shewfelt Gym Festival in Calgary. I had never heard of Elijah until last Wednesday when I received this note on facebook: Dear Martin, I was trying to find you! I am 11 and I've been raising money for Right To Play for 2 years. Maybe we can do something together soon. I did my first speech with Lisa Bowes at a Junior High March 1st! Here are some pictures so you know who I am. Well, I checked out Elijah pictures and his story blew me away.

At the age of 9 Elijah started corresponding with Kyle Shewfelt, Canadian Gold Medal gymnast and Right To Play Athlete Ambassador. Elijah is a keen gymnast and had competed in the 2011 Kyle Shewfelt Gym Festival. Soon after the event he sent Kyle this email:

"I am shy to start a fundraiser or something public like that, so I came up with this idea:  I am working on 10 circles on one handle long pommel for my Argo routines.  Starting after KSGF, every training day that I made 10 circles in a row in a turn, I earned 1 loonie for Right To Play from mom.  Then, in June that exercise got easier for me, so my coach, Miguel, switched me from 10 uphill loops (Argo B Day 1 Pommel Horse Routine) to 10 downhill loops on the long one handle pommel (Argo B Day 2 Pommel Horse Routine)....that was harder so I really had to work for a loonie at all.  Some training days I got no loonies, some days I got 2, one day I got 3!!  Now, I was closer to my goal of $100.00 for Right To Play, but I still was short.

Miguel started me on two handle big boy pommel with a block to start from.  I was only getting 3-5 circles, but mom said if I got 10 there, that would be another loonie.  So..........wait for it...I started getting 10 on the big 2 handle pommel!!  More loonies!  Just like my downhill loops, some training days I earned no loonies, but some I got 1, or 2!  Each time I put them in my green cup on my trophy shelf in my room.  This is where i put medals, but also rocks and stones mom gives me every time I learn a new skill.  When I got 10, mom would trade me for a $10.00 bill.  I finally had 10, $10.00 bills.  Now it was time to mail your package with my special thing I made for you from my first Nationals, and I had enough for mom to send you a full $100.00 for Right To Play!!

Right To Play means a lot to me.  We have 4 kids in our family who all get to do sports.  We also have 3 foster children around the world in very poor areas who don't get those chances.  Last Christmas we sent them sports equipment through World Vision.  Now I can help more kids through Right To Play.  Please let me know the kinds of things my loonies will help kids to do."

Elijah has continued to fundraise for Right To Play and on February 26th 2013, in Toronto, Elijah was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal.

So, on Saturday night I met Elijah and his mum Krista at the festival and we had a great chat. We're looking forward to doing some fundraisers together and helping kids around the world.

Thanks Elijah.

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Hanging out with Elijah at the Kyle Shewfelt Gym Festival in Calgary

Elijah Thompson

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