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TransRockies Quest 888 (Quest #8)

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One of my favourite places to go and talk about Marathon Quest 250 is the Running Rooms in and around Calgary. So far this year I've been to Glenmore Landing, Country Hills, Eau Claire and Crowfoot. There is always an enthusiastic group of runners who want to listen to and share tips on pace, gear, hydration and nutrition.

The man who started the Running Room experience is John Stanton and I've had the pleasure of meeting John on a number of occasions. John was born in Alberta and in the 1980s, a short fun run with his youngest son offered a wake-up call to improve his overall wellness and he began running, entering road races and marathons. John has since competed in over 60 marathons, hundreds of road races and numerous triathlons, including the Hawaiian World Championship Ironman competition.

Last Friday I was at the Crowfoot Running Room and over 25 people attended the presentation. These folks were made up of three groups; learn to run, 10km and half marathon. The 10 km and half marathoners are racing on the Calgary Marathon weekend, and for a number of them it's the first time at that distance. It's great to see so many taking up this activity and stepping into the unknown for a new distance.

I told them that I was attempting to set a Guinness World Record in the marathon by running in a full lacrosse uniform. I explained that I was doing it to raise money for the children's charity Right To Play. Using your running to raise funds for a cause, close to your heart, is a great way to go.

At the end of the evening I was chatting with 10 year old Grace. She had come with her mum and wanted to buy a copy of MARATHON QUEST. Grace is planning to do a duathlon and, looking ahead, she wants to try a triathlon. Way to go girl.

Quote of the Day

"A life has to move or it stagnates."

Beryl Markham

Grace, age 10, came to the Crowfoot Running Room to hear about Marathon Quest 250. Her next challenge; a duathlon.


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