Young at Heart

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Florence Storch started throwing the javelin 16 years ago and has won a number of provincial and national titles in the sport. That’s pretty impressive. But, what’s really outstanding is the fact that Florence was 85 when she started and at 101 she has just competed in the Canada 55-Plus Games, in Strathcona County, east of Edmonton.

Florence grew up on a farm and worked as a teacher in a rural schoolhouse, where she often played sports with her students. She “accidentally got into this javelin thing” while helping organize the seniors games, when the event was held in her home town. She noticed no one had signed up for javelin, so she wrote her name down.

I can’t hold a candle to Florence but I came to a number sports later in life. I started playing hockey at 22, running at 47, triathlon at 48, ultra-running at 52, netball at 55 and lacrosse at 56. Now with my 10th and final Quest “Canada Quest for Kids” approaching it’s time, at the age of 58, to tackle a new sport: Quidditch.

On September 22nd I will be participating in a Guinness World Record of the biggest exhibition game of Quidditch at the University of Calgary. After its appearance in the JK Rowling’s “Harry Potter” series, the non-flying version of the sport was created in 2005 at Middlebury College in Vermont. It has grown into its own separate and distinct sport, after sevenpublications of rulebooks.

The sport may have its roots in the United States, but has grown, internationally, arriving in Canada through Carleton and McGill Universities, in 2009. Since then teams popped up in Australia and soon spread across Europe, arriving in Italy, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands the UK and France and to the Americas, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

I’ve read all the books, watched the movies and I’m still trying understand the game. Here is a brief explanation: “Quidditch consists of two teams of seven players each mounted on broomsticks played on a hockey rink-sized pitch. The pitch is rectangular with three hoops of varying heights at either end.

The ultimate goal is to have more points than the other team by the time the snitch, a tennis ball inside a long sock hanging from the shorts of an impartial official dressed in yellow, is caught.”

Fortunately the University of Calgary are having a training day and I’m sure after some practice it will all become clear.

If this sounds like fun then you too can be part of this incredible event. Just go to  and register. Anyone can take part whether you’re in school or Florence’s age. Remember, everyone has the right to play.

And, just in case you’re wondering, Florence won the Silver medal, edged out of the Gold medal place by Doreen Erskine, from Mouse Jaw, a mere youngster of 87!

Next steps: What new challenge are you going to take on before the end of the year? Why is it important to you and what do you hope to learn from it?

Quote of the Week

"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

John Quincy Adams

The Canada Quest for Kids Cake. Sports and games for all tastes.



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Well this is it, departure day for Canada Quest for Kids. Sue and I had packed the “Questmobile” last night. The box held four rubber maid containers and each one was marked accordingly: Buffs, Books, Sports Gear and Camping Gear. Inside the truck we’d packed our clothes and other odds and ends. We headed up to Cochrane Toyota, where Jaimie, Marketing Administrator at the dealership, had constructed a balloon arch. At 9.30am, the countdown started, ten, nine…….three, two, one and we were off. The objective for the first day was to travel as far Salmon Arm in BC, some 500kms away. If we had left a week earlier it would have been in a foot of snow but today the sun was shining and we made good time. We planned to have lunch in Golden and we had to find a McDonalds.

You may be surprised at our choice of eating establishment but, a month ago, McDonalds had come on board to support the Quest. When I told my running buddies about this development you would have thought I had gone to the dark side. Comments like “You can’t eat healthy at McDonalds” and “Didn’t you see Super-Size Me?” came thick and fast. However, I like to make my own mind up so I printed off their whole menu with all the nutritional facts. Then I spent nights pouring over the data to see if I could construct a healthy meal plan for the month of traveling across Canada.

Sometimes when I do a Quest I like to have a “Quest-within-a-Quest”. In 2010, I ran 250 marathons and one of my sponsors was Mackay’s in Cochrane. They have 50 flavours of ice cream and I took it upon myself to try every type. By December 31st 2010, mission accomplished. With the McDonalds sponsorship I’ve set another “Quest-within-a-Quest”. I’m going to attempt to eat healthily, drive 8,000kms and not gain a pound. I weighed myself yesterday and was 174.6 lbs. Wish me luck.

In the Golden McDonalds we met the manager, Andrew. One of the servers had asked about my Canada Quest for Kids T-shirt and pointed it out to him. We got chatting and he explained that he had started running two years ago and had completed two marathons this year, and is hoping to one day qualify for Boston. He has also taken up Ultra running. He knew about Right To Play and was a big fan of Clara Hughes. Little known fact: Clara once worked at a McDonalds.

I choose a Tuscan salad with grilled chicken, a bag of apple slices and an Americano, an excellent start to the McDonalds experiment.

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The 11th Quest

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On Monday I received this email. Hi Martin, Thank you very much for sending us information on Canada Quest for Kids. You were quite an inspiration to us when you came to speak to our school. As a social studies teacher here at Chinook High School, we are always looking for social action projects we think our students would support and want to be a part of. I have an idea that I’ve shared with my colleagues to support Right to Play and your monetary goal in your quest for kids. We were thinking that we could also break a world record (floor hockey) and that all our social studies classes get involved in one way or another (especially in raising funds). The letter was from Irene Dersch, Social Studies Teacher, Chinook High School in Lethbridge, Alberta.

I love it that schools / groups and individuals are coming up with ideas to support Canada Quest for Kids. What ideas do you have for an “11th Quest” that would generate fun and raise funds for Right To Play? The sky’s the limit.

Today, Sue and I had a rainy drive to Squamish, BC. We were hoping to see some amazing scenery however the mist rolled in and the mountains and sea disappeared. Arriving at Squamish, Georgia and Mikkala, the organizers of the Quest University volley ball Guinness World Record attempt invited us to a Right To Play Club meeting in one of the halls of residence.

The students talked about the preparations they had made for tomorrow's volley ball game. They are trying to get 300 players to participate and this from a student body of 700. As the meeting broke up everyone was pumped about what was about to unfold in the morning. Let the Quest begin.

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The 300 (Plus 10)

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I couldn’t sleep so at 4.30am I headed out into a wet and misty Squamish pre-dawn. I hadn’t run for a couple of days and all this driving was doing me in. I found a 5km loop along a lit pathway and surprisingly nobody else was out and about. I did a couple of circuits and headed back for a shower and coffee.

Today was the big day. Georgia, the co-head of the Right To Play Club and one of the main organizers of the attempt, had explained to me last night that they had to beat 294 players to set a new Guinness World Record in volley ball. The plan was to go from 8.00am to 4.00pm and they had lined up groups to come during the day. Sue and I got to the recreation centre at 7.30am and waited and waited. It took some time to sort out the net and the event didn’t get started until 8.45am. I was a little concerned.

Players started to come in and I must say the organization was like a well-oiled machine. To start with you picked up your number and signed in. Then they took a photo of you with your number. Then you went to a desk in the gym and signed in again. Finally you were checked off at the bleachers. Three video cameras were running the whole time and a photographer was snapping pictures continuously.

Hour after hour ticked by and the numbers crept up. We had to be out of the centre at 4.00pm and at 2.30pm we were at 270 players, no problem. However the well dried up. Georgia and the rest of her team had to knock on the doors in the dorms to get students out of their rooms and onto the court.

It worked. At 4.00pm 310 players had participated in the largest game of volley ball ever and set a Guinness World Record. Congratulations to everyone involved. Getting the record is great but what is even more important is the fact that you’ve given hope to children around the world.

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Questmobile vs Batmobile

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I’ve been asked several times over the last couple of weeks “which would be the better vehicle to do a cross Canada road trip; the Questmobile or the new Batmobile?”

This is not an easy question to answer. Few details on the new Batmobile have been provided by Zack Synder, director of the upcoming Dark Night movie. In fact all we’ve got is a photo so I am going to have to make some educated guesses as to its exact configuration. I have compared a number of key areas and come up with a final assessment. So here goes:

Fuel consumption and performance.

The Questmobile is in fact a modified Toyota Tacoma Truck. The main modification is that it has “Canada Quest for Kids” in big letters on the side. Fuel consumption is rated 18.8 miles per gallon and it can go 0 to 60 mph in 10.13 seconds. The Batmobile on the other hand has no lettering on the side and is totally black. I’ve based gas consumption on the Abrams Tank which is 0.57 miles per gallon. This means that the 8,000km road trip will use 2,850 gallons and cost $15,000. The Batmobile has to be fast so I predict a 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds.

Inside comfort and seating capacity.

The Questmobile seats five and has 9 cup holders. It also has cruise control and a lumbar seat adjustment for the back. Batman normally only travels with Robin therefore I assume it’s a two seater with two cup holders. Batman may not want cruise control but everyone needs back support.

Social media and gizmos

The Questmobile has Bluetooth and satellite radio. I imagine the Batmobile has the same. The Batmobile may have some other fancy stuff that I don’t know about. One thing the Questmobile has that I doubt the Batmobile has is a 120 volt outlet to make coffee and toast.

Other features

The Questmobile has one amazing option which is a two person tent fixed to a frame above the truck box. I do not think the Batmobile has a tent however this should definitely be a consideration as I’m sure Batman and Robin love camping.

Final assessment:  The Batmobile is super cool and has machine guns but the Questmobile will always get you to where you want to go every time.

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The Long and Winding Road

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Over the last two days Sue and I have covered 1,000kms in the “Questmobile” from Squamish, BC to Cochrane, Alberta. We had decided to follow the 99 North Highway that would take us across the Coast Mountains. First stop was going to be Whistler. I had been there 15 years ago and it was Sue’s first time. I wanted to show her a quaint ski resort. Unfortunately we got lost amongst the hotels and condos and couldn’t find a parking spot.

Onwards and upwards. We continued on our way and were soon coming into Pemberton. We spotted a number of cars parked along the side of a lake and the occupants were pointing towards the sky. Sue spotted a helicopter and we turned off into an empty lot to take a look. As I got out of the truck a Police cruiser pulled up and the officer asked to see my driver’s licence. As I waited to see what the issue was, Sue and I watched the helicopter pick up a load of water, fly over a raging forest fire and drop it in the heart of the blaze.

The helicopter did the manoeuver several times before the officer came back. He said that he had run my plates through the system and it showed that the vehicle was on a test drive. He was a bit surprised that the test drive had started in Cochrane, Alberta and the vehicle was in Pemberton, BC. I explained about “Canada Quest for Kids” and Right To Play. He mentioned that Pemberton was pretty well off but the kids could do with some help in Mount Curry. We said goodbye and that we would see if we could help in anyway.

We continued on the 99 North through Lillooet, Cache Creek and on to Salmon Arm for the night. When Penny and her husband Craig, who run the Salmon River Motel and Resort, had heard about what we were doing for Right To Play they had offered to put us up for the night.

Today was an early start and we made good time to Field, Alberta. We had never been into the village and it was time for lunch. After a great bowl of soup we were about to head off when we bumped into our friends Neil and Traci Zeller and their son Andrew. Neil is a tremendous photographer and he got some excellent shots of the “Questmobile” with the tent up.

We got back to Cochrane late afternoon. Time to find my broom and get ready for the second Guinness World Record: Quidditch at the University of Calgary.

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Quidditch Guinness World Record

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There’s not many sporting events where a broom is part of the equipment. Curling is one and broom ball another. I’ve played both of those and today I was going to play a third; Quidditch. This is my second Guinness World record attempt on my “Canada Quest for Kids” road trip. Last Friday we set a GWR for volley ball at the Quest University and now it was time for something completely different.

I have never played Quidditch but I have read the books and watched the movies. My daughter Kristina was a huge Harry Potter fan and as she plowed through the series she would give me the book she had just finished. It’s a little different reading about it and actually doing it. I had found a you tube clip explaining the rules but to me it seemed to be more complicated than cricket.

Arriving at the “Quidditch” field at the University of Calgary I was met by Jessica the organizer and head of the Right To Play club. She told me that they had had a number of players drop out so they would be struggling to break the 90 participant target. A group of us went for a Quidditch demo given by a member of the University Quidditch team.

In a nut shell Chasers have to shot the Quaffle (volley ball) through one of three hoops set up at each end. There are players who throw a Bludger (dodge ball) at the Chasers and if you’re hit you have to drop the Quaffle. Also, there is a player who has the Golden Snitch (tennis ball) in a sock and a Seeker from each team tries to grab the Golden Snitch and end the game.

Added to this, you have to run with a broom between your legs. I was a Chaser and did my best to shot the Quaffle through the hoops. After one and a half hours we started to run out of players. We had hit the 70 participant mark but needed 21 more to break the record. My friend Ally and I headed into the Olympic Oval and bumped into the speed skater Gilmore Junio. Gilmore is one of my sporting hero’s after his selfless actions during the Sochi Olympics.

Gilmore said he would love to play Quidditch and with a couple of his buddy’s he ran around campus and convinced students to give it a go. Three and a half hours after the start, the game ended, and 97 participants had played. The old record had been beaten by 7. Congratulation to the University of Calgary Right To Play Club. Job well done.

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The Call of Nature

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The first leg of “Canada Quest for Kids” is over; 2,000kms, two universities, two Guinness World Records. It was time to repack the truck and say goodbye to Sue. I will be on the road for three weeks, heading across the Prairies, around the Great Lakes, across Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and onto Newfoundland arriving at St.John’s on Oct. 12th. At that point in time Sue will rejoin me for the return trip.

Today’s drive was relatively short, Calgary to Edmonton is very straight forward, 400kms north on Highway 2. After a couple of wrong turnings I found my accommodation for the night: Rainbow Valley campground. The time had come to test out the tent on the “Questmobile” and my third Guinness World Record in Edmonton was the perfect opportunity. The campground is in the river valley and backs onto Whitemud Creek. My lot was tree lined with a picnic table and a BBQ grill. It was still fairly early so I decided to head out for supper.

My “McDonalds Experiment” is going well. I’ve been enjoying the oatmeal in the mornings and there is a good variety of salads for lunch. Supper is a bit more of a challenge. I tried the double fillet of fish but was very disappointed. Tonight I ordered the Angus burger with a side caesar salad, apples and 1% milk. It certainly hit the spot however I must admit that I don’t eat the bun.

Big day tomorrow. At 11.00am I’m off to a McCafe at the University of Alberta for a 10,000 Coffees conversation. This is where I meet up with a group of students, have a coffee and chat about my experiences over the last five years. Then it’s off to the University for the third GWR: Tunnel ball. Fingers crossed.

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Down to the Wire

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My first night in the “Tardis Tent” (small on the outside, big on the inside) on the “Questmobile” was interesting. Set up was 15 minutes and I had no problem climbing up the seven steps into the living space. There are a number of pockets inside including one for bear spray. I quickly settled into my down sleeping bag and started to doze off before I was awoken by a strange sound; trees creaking? Bears on the prowl? No, it was the truck and car noise from the Whitemud over pass. In the end I dropped off and had a goodnights sleep on my 3 inch foam mattress.

I’ve been trying to keep up my running so I headed out along the trails beside Whitemud Creek. Soon I was heading up the ski trails on Snow Valley ski hill. The run became a lot harder than I had planned and I was happy to get back to the truck after 10km. The plan was that would meet a group of students for a coffee at McDonalds at 11.00am. I went a little early and grabbed an oatmeal. The manager had put a reserved sign on a large table and a lot of the regulars were complaining.

I waited for a while but no one showed up so I headed over to the University of Alberta Quad. This was the location for the Tunnel Ball Guinness World Record attempt. I met Anuvir and the rest of his Right To Play club team. They were well organized. T-Shirts had been printed, the Canada Quest for Kids Buffs were available and pizza was coming later on. Now all we needed was participants. The current record was 120 and Anuvir told me they had 135 signed up. Excellent.

The record was scheduled to start at 3.00pm. CTV and Global TV were there. The only problem was only 84 people had turned up. Anuvir decided to wait 30 minutes. By 3.30pm the number had grown to 97, still 23 short. Anuvir decided to start a demo game. We all lined up and a game of Tunnel ball began. The ball was passed over the head of one person then between the legs of the next and so on.

People who saw this started to come in one by one and by 4.15pm we had hit the 120 mark. The final figure was 129. The game was on and the record broken. Well done Anuvir, the RTP Club and students of U of A. 

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Road Warrior

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Early start from the Rainbow Valley campground in Edmonton. I was so tired last night that I didn’t even notice the gentle hum of the cars and 16 wheelers. I was out of the site and on the road by 5.30am. I must say that I’m getting a lot quicker at putting up and taking down the “Questmobile” tent.

Today I was going to start something that I might live to regret. My friend Wayne had given me the audio book 1 of the “Game of Thrones”. This is a 28 disc, 33 hours rendition of one of the most popular series in history. It just so happened that my trip from Edmonton, Alberta to Sudbury, Ontario would take about 33 hours. It seemed like a match made in heaven (or hell).

This was going to be one of my longest days driving and I wanted to cover at least 12 hours on the road. The Prairies are pretty flat and when Sue called me around lunch time I told her that I had been watching a dog run away from me for the last three hours. Disc after disc was played and battles raged in lands far way. It certainly did help the time fly by.

At around 6.00pm I was looking for a place to stop and a sign showed Portage la Prairie. This town has a lot of significance for me as it was one of the stops for Avatar Marathon Martin on his virtual run around Canada in 2010. In fact it was where he had to hang out for two weeks when I injured my leg in February of that year. By the end of the day I had covered 1,200kms and was ready for bed.

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Terry Fox

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I got an early start from the Days Inn at Portage la Prairie. I had an appointment to keep in Steinbach, Manitoba, 127 kms away, with an old running buddy of mine Albert Martens. Albert had travel to Calgary in 2010 and joined me on one of my 250 marathons. The marathon he had picked was along the Bow River pathway system in Calgary and I remember it was a particularly frigid day.

Today was very different and as I pulled into Steinbach at 10.00am I could see the temperature had already hit 22C. Albert had lined me up with a Radio interview with Michelle Sawatzky-Koop. Michelle is an Olympian and played volley ball for Canada in the 1996 games in Atlanta. I explained the goal of Canada Quest for Kids and was excited to tell her that the first Guinness World Record we had set was in volley ball at the Quest University in Squamish, BC.

Michelle wanted to see the Questmobile and loved the tent-on-a-frame. After the interview I took Albert out to brunch at McDonalds. We both had Egg McMuffins and caught up on the running news. I had a long way to go today so I said goodbye to Albert and headed out of town. Hour after hour clicked by but I was kept company with the never ending tale of the Game of Thrones. More dastardly deeds and dark happenings. Just as you start to like a character they get bumped off. Still, 14 discs done, 14 to go.

My route took me through Kenoa, Dryden, Ignace and onto Thunder Bay. One of the highlights for me was coming up, the Terry Fox Memorial. I got there at 8.00pm and walked up to the lighted statue of Terry mounted on a granite base. The monument looks out over the bay and tonight the sky was crystal clear and not a breath of wind rippled the water. I spent a few moments reflecting then returned to the truck. Time to find an inn for the night.

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Winnie the Pooh

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One more long day of driving ahead until I reach Sudbury and the home of my daughter Kristina, and her family. The weather the last two days has been beautiful. Clear skies and the temperatures up in the high twenties. I started out at 6.00am. Soon the darkness faded and the sun sent its rays dancing across the horizon. The scenery had changed from Prairie to Great Lakes, from fields upon fields of crops to jutting rocks and expanses of trees. This is the start of the “Colours” in Northern Ontario. The trees make up a patch work of reds, oranges, yellows and golds.

For 6 hours the highway took me around the north shore of Lake Superior through Terrace Bay, Marathon and onto White River. I knew I was going to stop in this town and as soon as I saw the bear up a tree with a honey pot I pulled over. Winnie the Pooh had been based on a bear that had been purchased from a hunter for $20 by Canadian Lieutenant Harry Colebourn while on route to England during the First World War.

A.A.Milne gave Winnie many wonderful quotes. One of my favourites is: “If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together. There is something you must always remember. You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart... I'll always be with you.”

My next stop was Sault St. Marie to see my son Kyle. We hadn’t chatted in a while so it was great to catch up. The last time we hung out together was in 2010 when he did one of the marathons with me along the waterways of the Sault.

I arrived at Kristina’s in time for a wonderful meal of fried potatoes, corn and steak tenderloin wrapped in bacon. Sorry McDonalds, not tonight.

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Winter is Coming

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The last four days I’ve covered 3,842 kms and listened to the 28 discs of the audio book 1 of the Game of Thrones. My trip so far in “Throne-Talk” goes like this: “The journey started in the barren mountain lands of British Columbia and Alberta. The truck worshippers hunted far and wide for Double-Doubles and Tim-Bits. Travelling day and night I passed the wheat and corn fields of the flat lands. Low land dwellers have built huge cylindrical structures to the Sun Gods and pray for rain. Eventually I arrived at the Lakes that are great. Shear faces of rock plunge hundreds of fathoms below the ice clear liquid where the terrifying water dragons live.” One of the most incredible things is the narration by Roy Dotrice. Roy does an amazing job on all the voices and holds the Guinness World Record for the most character voices for an audiobook.

This morning I said good bye to Paul, Kris and grandson Matthew. Kris and Matthew will be out for visit soon and Sue and I are really looking forward to that. I made good time heading south passing through Parry Sound, Barrie, around Toronto and down to London. I had booked into the Lake Whittiker Campground and after a few wrong turns I found it.

Big day tomorrow. Guinness World Record attempt #4, the 100m dash relay at Western University. The goal is for the most people to run it in one hour and current record is 254 participants. It made me wish we had my friend San Effah there. In fact 300 Sam’s would do the trick. Sam is the fourth fastest Canadian ever to run the 100m in 10.06 seconds. Not only is he super-fast but he is also an Athlete Ambassador for Right To Play. Sam was out at the Calgary marathon cheering everyone on and a week ago he was a volunteer at the University of Calgary GWR for Quidditch. Top fellow.

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Runner, Runner

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I love camping. The fresh air, the fire pit, sleeping in a tent snuggled up in a down sleeping bag with only the sounds of nature to listen to. Well, over the three nights of camping I’ve done so far most of that is correct. The only fly in the ointment has been the replacement of nature sounds with manmade sounds. The first two nights it was cars and 18 wheelers. Last night it was Rock 770FM. Now I like ACDC as much as the next person but belting out “Thunderstruck” across the campground when people are trying to sleep is just not on. Even the crickets (insects not the group) couldn’t drown out Angus Young.

After sleeping in until 8.00am I decided to go for a run. Lake Whittaker Conservation Area has a network of trails and I spent almost an hour exploring the forest and around the lake. Near the end of the 7 km session I caught my foot on a root and went flying. Luckily the ground was covered with leaves and was sandy underneath. I certainly didn’t want to get injured with what I had coming up this afternoon.

Emma, organizer of the Western University Right To Play club had suggested that I park at the TD Stadium parking lot. The stadium was where Canada Quest for Kids GWR #4 was going to take place, an attempt to set the record for the most people to run a 100m dash relay in one hour. The current record was 252 people and to beat that each person would have to average 14 seconds for the distance. A very tall order. The event was scheduled to start at 5.00pm and at 5.15pm the gun went off. We had 160 on the field and the word went out to all the sports teams at Western. Over the next hour the track, rugby, soccer and football teams all turned up. With 10 minutes to go we were at 214 and students went into the gym and got people off the treadmills to participate. We passed the 252 number at 59 minutes and managed to get 4 more runners over the line for 256, a new Guinness World Record. These GWR’s are shredding my nerves.

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10,000 Coffees

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I was ready for a good nights sleep. No 18 wheelers, no ACDC, just the crickets singing their cricket song. Everything was good until 4.30am. Then the heavens opened and the tent got its christening. The rain lashed down but the tent stayed dry and being six feet off the ground certainly helped. I would like to say it was a rhythmic sound but it was more like the hammering of a drum.

Today, I had to do the short trip from London to Waterloo. I had been used to driving 8 to 10 hours a day so the hour and a half drive was a blessing. I was scheduled to meet Laura at a McCafe in Waterloo at 12 noon so I didn’t want to be late. This chat had been set up by 10,000 coffees and supported by McDonalds. Their mandate is to find a new way for young people to unlock opportunities and share their ideas and for industry leaders to share their experience. 10,000 coffees connects students, recent grads, and young professionals with leaders and established professionals over a cup of coffee to share insights and spark ideas that will plant the seeds of future opportunities.

Laura had contacted me and wanted to chat. She is a student at Waterloo University taking Geography and Environmental Management. She loves to travel and has a very cool website . She spent a year in London, UK working at a city farm. After finishing our Earl Grey and Green tea’s we said goodbye and I headed off to find my campsite for the night.

Colin from Right To Play, Wilfrid Laurier had booked a site for me at the Laurel Creek Conservation area. He met me at the gate with two other RTP University members and they showed me around the park. We chatted about tomorrows European hand ball Guinness World Record and he let slip that Johann Koss would be coming. Johann had joined me on one of my 250 marathons in 2010 so I was thrilled that he would be participating in the 10th and final Quest. I just hope we get the record.

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