European Hand Ball GWR

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First night at the Laurel Creek Conservation Area camp ground just outside Waterloo. I had a great night sleep, no trucks, wailing guitars or rain storms just the hum of my friends the crickets. There were a few mosquitoes earlier but they went home to bed.

I had a big decision to make about breakfast. I wanted to stick to my “McDonalds Experiment” and head into the city. The problem was that the one I had been to yesterday had terrible WiFi and I needed to get some stuff out. Also, there was a Tim Hortons just down the road. I went to the dark side and had a dark roast and oatmeal, plus their WiFi is darn good.

I had arranged to meet Jocelyn and other members from the RTP club at University Stadium at 9.30am. Fortunately this was one of the easier places to find and there was no charge for parking. I asked Jocelyn how she felt about the event. She told me they had over 100 signed up on face book. It sounded good but from experience I knew that we would be lucky to get half of those people turn up.

At 10.45am Johann Koss, Right To Play President arrived with Reba and Kyla from Head Office. Johann had run in one of my marathons in 2010 and it was great to have him here. He told me that he was flying out to Barcelona at 4.00pm so I was thrilled he could make it. At 11.30am the whistle blew and the attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the most people to play in a game of European hand ball started. The only problem was that we started with 54 people and needed another 46 to set the record. Over the next 2 hours people trickled in. The RTP executives made calls and sent out tweets. They found a soccer team and pulled in people off the street. At 1.20pm a total of 105 had played and the record was set. Well done Wilfrid Laurier, another nail biter.

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