A Game of Two Halves

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Canada Quest for Kids is scheduled to take 26 days from September 19th to October 14th. Today was the midway point and as in any good sporting event it was half time. This is true of most sports other than hockey which is three periods. Maybe it’s time to have two 30 minute halves. However I don’t think the owners would like it as they would sell less popcorn and hotdogs.

As in any half time the teams reflect on the first half, consider lessons learn and look forward to the second half. This afternoon I meet with members of the Right To Play team Shannon, Reba, Kyla and Julie and this is exactly what we did. So far five Guinness Records have been attempted and achieved. These include Volleyball at Quest University, Quidditch at University of Calgary, Tunnel ball at University of Alberta, 100m relay at Western University and European hand ball at Wilfrid Laurier. One learning was that whatever the number of people signed up on face book for an event expect half that number to turn up.

To date we’ve raised $46,106 which is terrific. Trying to achieve a GWR and fundraise is tough so a number of the Universities are looking at doing a fund raiser later in the year. I’ve traveled 6,540 km in the Toyota Tacoma “Questmobile” and it has performed perfectly. The “Tepui” tent is very comfortable and surprisingly roomy. I’ve eaten 19 McDonalds meals and enjoyed everyone. I finished the Game of Thrones Audio Book 1. Time to find Book 2.

Looking ahead. Tomorrow is GWR #6, ball hockey at Dublin Elementary and Middle school in Toronto. Then it’s off the McGill for Love Clap, University of New Brunswick for Capture the Flag, Mount Allison for Ultimate Frisbee and Memorial in St.John’s for Ice Hockey. Half time is over, time for the second half.

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