Hand Ball GWR #6

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I’ve been staying at my friends David and Krista’s in Toronto. I love the camping but it’s also great to sleep in a real bed now and then. Today is the 6th Guinness World Record attempt. Ball hockey at Dublin Heights Elementary and Middle school. However before I head out into the big smoke I have to talk to Lori, a Journalist from the Daily Gleaner in Fredricton. Lori asked me what the number one thing I wanted out of the day and I said that we had enough people to get the record.

My next stop was Dublin Heights. I had agreed to give a presentation to the students of the school with Right To Play representative, Nancy. The children were pretty active and ready to head out and get into the action. We headed out and at 1.15pm the game started. Two honoured guested turned up half an hour into the game. Sami Jo Small and Billy Bridges, Sami Jo is an Olympian with two Gold’s and a Silver. She was the goal tender for the Canadian women’s hockey team from 1998 to 2006. Billy Bridges is a Canadian Olympian in Sledge hockey and has a gold and a bronze medal.

I was on a shift with Sami Jo and Billy and I almost scored a goal. The figure that had to be beaten was 60 and they continued until they hit 103 players. Almost immediately the heavens opened and the rains came. GWR #6 completed. I’m taking tomorrow off before I head to McGill in Montreal and the Love Clap.

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