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Over the last 18 days I’ve camped in a number of beautiful conservation areas across Canada. Last night was not one of them. Andrew, McGill Right To Play Club organizer had secured a spot for me in the McGill University parking lot. I was expecting maybe an open area where I could set up my tent under a tree. What I got was angled parking along the side of a building. No problem. At 8.30pm up went the tent and I bedded down for the night.

This morning Lauren, one of the RTP club members met me and we headed over to Leacock 132, the site of the Guinness World Record attempt for the most people doing the Love Clap. Andrew had received some bad news last week. The record had been 300 and the RTP Club had lined up a high School for the event. However Guinness had emailed him and told him that a new record had been set at 645 participants. Andrew and the club had to move quickly. They contacted Dr. Gold, a Professor at McGill, and he agreed that his class could participate at the beginning of the lecture. However he said that the attempt had to go ahead at 9.30am. This was great but that would be only 545 students. We still needed more.

At 9.00am Jasmine, I and two other RTP McGill Club members headed over to the FACE (Fine Arts Core Education) High School just across the road from the University. Jasmine had studied there for a couple of years and said that one of the teachers would help us. We met Zac and he took us to a class. The teacher was terrific and told me to make a pitch to the class. She said that whoever wanted to go could. At 9.10am we all headed out and it was like the Pied Piper of Hamlin take a group of 40 student over to the auditorium.

At 9.30am the lecture theatre was packed. Andrew demonstrated the Love Clap and then we all did it. 14 seconds late it was over and a huge cheer went up. Did we get it? Nobody was sure. I had to hit the road as I was heading to Fredericton, 9 hours driving away. During the trip Andrew called me and said that they had counted 620 but that there was a couple more sign-up sheets to come in. I arrived at my friend’s Tom place at 8.00pm and at 9.00pm Andrew and the whole RTP club called. The final figure had come in at 671. They had done it!!!!!! What an achievement. Not only had they raised $10,000 for Right To Play from their Spin-A-Thon but they had nailed the Guinness World Record. That’s 7 for 7.

Tomorrow it’s the University of New Brunswick and Capture the Flag, GWR attempt #8.

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