House of the Gods

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I was woken up by the rain hammering against the window pane and all I could think was thank heavens it wasn’t like this last night. We wouldn’t have had a snowman’s chance in hell of setting the Capture the Flag record if we had had to contend with this kind of weather. But it wasn’t and we did.

So far on the road trip across Canada the “Questmobile” had performed majestically. Extremely comfortable, smooth ride, lots of storage space, 5 cup holders just around the drives seat and of course the “Tepui Tent”. Tepui (pronounced /teh-poo-ee/) is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America. The word tepui means "house of the gods" in the native tongue of the Pemo. Tepuis are known for their mystic, allure, and spectacular scenery. My Tepui Tent certainly is a “Home-away-from-Home” and has been a blast to use along the way.

It was a big day for the “Questmobile” as it was time for its 8,000 km service. Looking at the map I figured I’m half way completed the road trip. I took the truck to Clark Toyota in Fredericton and they said it would be an hour. With a bit of time to kill I wandered across to the Abony Family Tennis Centre to meet Rufus. My friend Tom had told me about the facility and that I should meet the person who ran it. Rufus was in his office and we started to chat. Rufus is from South Africa and has participated in the Comrades Ultra and Ironman events.

I told him about my story and also my love of tennis. In fact I had hoped that one of my Quests would be “Tennis Quest” but things didn’t come together. It’s a beautiful facility and their motto is “Tennis for all, Tennis for life”. After a good chat I said goodbye and headed back to pick up the “Questmobile”.

I said goodbye to Tom and Ulrica, and continued on my way from Fredericton to Sackville, travelling 220km, the route was awash with the fall colours. I had a meeting with the Mount Allison Right To Play club members and I didn’t want to be late. Arriving in town, I was met by Alex, one of the main organizers of the Ultimate Frisbee Guinness World Record attempt. By 8.00pm there were 12 people in the class and we started chatting about tomorrow’s event. They are all very nervous about having enough people. All I could say was get a good night sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

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