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In early September when I told my running buddies that McDonalds was my food sponsor for Canada Quest for Kids they laughed. Today, I had my first McLobster. Who’s laughing now!!!! The McDiet is going well and I’ve started tabulating all the meals I’ve had at the McDonalds restaurant’s across Canada. Monday is the big day when I do my weigh-off and see if I’ve been successful in my personal challenge of not gaining a pound.

This morning I headed back to the Waterfowl Park in Sackville for a run and taking pictures. It’s an incredible place with wooden boardwalks winding their way through the bull rushes and across the marsh lands. The day was bright and cool and I got some beautiful shots of the sun reflecting off the water. Back at the house I said goodbye to Alex. She had been at the University in the morning and it was abuzz with talk of the Ultimate Frisbee Guinness World Record.

Today’s drive took me from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia. The scenery went from rolling country side to the ocean of the Atlantic Province. When I saw a sign for the golden arches with the slogan “Port Hawkesbury: McLobster” I knew I was in a special place. I arrived at North Sydney, the Ferry Port for Newfoundland at 6.30pm and loading wasn’t until 9.30pm. No McD’s here so it’s a Sweet Potato soup at Timmy’s.

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