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The ferry trip from North Sydney to Port Aux Basque was uneventful. The crossing was 7 hours and I managed to get a few hours’ sleep in the reclining chair. The highlight was that I had my first taste of “Iceberg” beer. The tag line is “Made with pure 25,000 year old iceberg water”. Now that’s old water.

My first port of call was Corner Brook two hours up the coast. I had hit the fall colours at their most magnificent with the yellows, golds and greens forming a huge tapestry across the rolling hills. I had time to spare so I headed into the Gros Morne National Park. I had been recommended to go there by Alex from Mount Allison and she wasn’t wrong. The road plunged up and down the rugged terrain and the ocean cut into the craggy coast line give spectacular views.

After having lunch in Rocky Harbour I was heading back to the #1 highway and decided to give Jared from Memorial University a call. I asked him how it was going and he said not good. He was really struggling to get enough players out for the Guinness World Record hockey event on Monday. This afternoon he was going to hit a bunch of arenas and put up posters. I told him that I would do a big push on social media tonight and see if we could turn the tide. This is always the time when panic starts to set in but you just have to hold to the course and all hands to the pump.

I arrived at Bishop’s Falls at 5.00pm and called Sue. She was packing to get ready for her flight to St. John’s. She leaves Calgary early tomorrow morning and gets into the city at 9.00pm. I haven’t seen her since September 21st and it will be great to travel back across this mighty Country together.


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