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It’s great to get help when you’re trying to achieve a goal. In Canada Quest for Kids my food sponsor was McDonalds. My running buddies had suggested that I would come back as “Fat Boy” but I had a different plan. I down loaded all the nutritional information from their menu options and figured out what would work for me. Then I set myself a goal: To drive across Canada from BC to NFL, eat McDonalds and not gain a pound. I weighed myself on September 17th and again on October 14th, 10,000 kms and 31 McDonalds meals later the results are in: I weighed in at 174.6 lbs and weighed off at 171.6 lbs, a loss of 3 lbs.

But as they say the devil is in the details, so let’s start. In total I ate 31 meals with 79 food / drink items, at 25 different locations in 8 Provinces in 27 days. These items were: 1 McLobster (no bun), 1 Filet of Fish, 2 Water, 3 Teas, 3 Egg McMuffins, 4 Apples, 4 Cookies, 4 Angus Burgers (no buns), 5 McWraps, 7 Salads (large and side), 9 Oatmeal, 17 Coffees (Americano / Mocha), 19 Milk.

Some other key points include: Different weigh scales were used for the weigh in and weigh off, other meals were taken at other food establishments and home cooking, I ran 85 kms and participated in 10 Guinness World Records.

Overall McDonalds provided good food options and excellent service. A couple of suggestions include; get rid of the Filet of Fish, it looks like and tastes like a breaded beer mat, why not introduce a McSalmon? Also, a soup would be good, say a McMushroom. Looking to the future maybe a McPub with beer from their McMicrobrewery. All I can say to that is McCheers.

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