The 11th Quest

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On Monday I received this email. Hi Martin, Thank you very much for sending us information on Canada Quest for Kids. You were quite an inspiration to us when you came to speak to our school. As a social studies teacher here at Chinook High School, we are always looking for social action projects we think our students would support and want to be a part of. I have an idea that I’ve shared with my colleagues to support Right to Play and your monetary goal in your quest for kids. We were thinking that we could also break a world record (floor hockey) and that all our social studies classes get involved in one way or another (especially in raising funds). The letter was from Irene Dersch, Social Studies Teacher, Chinook High School in Lethbridge, Alberta.

I love it that schools / groups and individuals are coming up with ideas to support Canada Quest for Kids. What ideas do you have for an “11th Quest” that would generate fun and raise funds for Right To Play? The sky’s the limit.

Today, Sue and I had a rainy drive to Squamish, BC. We were hoping to see some amazing scenery however the mist rolled in and the mountains and sea disappeared. Arriving at Squamish, Georgia and Mikkala, the organizers of the Quest University volley ball Guinness World Record attempt invited us to a Right To Play Club meeting in one of the halls of residence.

The students talked about the preparations they had made for tomorrow's volley ball game. They are trying to get 300 players to participate and this from a student body of 700. As the meeting broke up everyone was pumped about what was about to unfold in the morning. Let the Quest begin.

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